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LeStream x BMW Tournament: Grand Final Recap

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The grand final of the Valorant Tournament: BMW The 2 Gran Coupé was played on May 27th between StartedFromCS and BlackBelts. Both teams had a long way to go to this final, it is not easy to win six best of one playoff rounds to qualify for this final.

StartedFromCS had some tight games in the playoffs, especially the quarterfinals which went to the overtime round. They qualified to the grand final with a victory over TryToWin with a solid 13-3 score. In the playoff final they used Breach, Brimstone, Cypher, Sage, Sova on Haven, which is a popular composition in the current meta.

On the BlackBelts side, they had a tight first round 13-9 against Les Zhommes, but they were able to overcome the rest of the bracket without any trouble. With a 13-4, they beat Team JBZZ in the final of the second qualifier; the composition they used for the qualifiers final was identical to the one we saw that used StartedFromCsS: Breach, Brimstone, Cypher, Sage, Sova the map, again, was Haven.

For the first match of the grand final, there were not many changes in the compositions. The first map of this best of three was Haven, and these teams continued to use what had worked for them in the qualifiers, mirrored compositions: Breach, Brimstone, Cypher, Sage, and Sova. StartedFromCS managed to win 13-4. For the second map, Bind, StartedFromCS replaced Breach with Raze while BlackBelts remained with the same composition. Eventually, StartedFromCS won 13-6.

With this result the €15,000 prize was distributed as follows:

  • €10,000 for StartedFromCS
  • €5,000 for BlackBelts

As always, you can check out the details of the final in the events section.

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