loony steps down from AVENUE eSports

by Germanicus 2020-05-21

Ondřej “loony” Kudrna has announced that he will be stepping down from AVENUE eSports for the foreseeable future.

AVENUE is an organization that has been active in Counter-Strike, Hearthstone, and Battalion 1944. The Czech roster for their Battalion team has stayed almost entirely static over the last several years, and on April 19 they announced that that roster would be swapping over to play VALORANT, as we covered in a previous article. AVENUE have found some success on the regional Czech scene, with several runner-up finishes in cups, but have struggled thus far on the broader European stage.

Loony has been with the organization for several years, so this announcement does come as a surprise. Loony notes that there are some personal issues he has to work out and that the team will find a new player and reach their potential quickly.

AVENUE Esports have not yet announced his replacement.

The current AVENUE Esports lineup consists of:

Petr “cDe” Dumek Ondřej “louwe” Kolodziej Adam “Adamelo” Sabol Daniel “lifeR” Viktorín

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