Mandatory signed AKUMAAAAA and Goaster

written by frss April 12, 2022 at 4:43pm
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Mandatory announced yesterday the signings of Tony "Goaster" Richard and Alex "AKUMAAAAA" Lo Bello to their Valorant team.

After a very poor performance in the last season of the VRL - France: Revolution - Stage 1 - Main Event, Mandatory has decided to rebuild the roster. The French team was the only team not to win a single game. In this regard, Charles "CREA" Beauvois was moved from the active roster to the coaching staff and became an assistant coach. In late March, Julien "jbzz" Dupré also parted ways with the team, so Mandatory had to look for two new players.

The French organization has decided to contract former Team BDS and Sector One players. The new faces in the team are Alex "AKUMAAAAA" Lo Bello and Tony "Goaster" Richard. AKUMAAAAA has spent the last few months on the bench at BDS and after this break his new home is Mandatory. Goaster, on the other hand, had a pretty good last few months. Mainly thanks to him, Sector One managed to triumph in the VRL - France: Revolution - Stage 1 - Main Event and get promoted to VCT 2022 - EMEA Promotion Tournament. There, however, the team from France didn't present itself too well and Goaster decided to change the team.

However, Mandatory decided not to change the transfer policy of their team, as once again all the players and the coaching staff are French. With the new lineup, the team will have a chance to present itself in mid-May when the second season of Valorant Regional League France: Revolution kicks off.

Now Mandatory is:

FranceDylan "hoppY" AubeFranceTom "APO" BonnionFranceDamien "HyP" SouvilleFranceTony "Goaster" RichardFranceAlex "AKUMAAAAA" Lo BelloFranceThibaut "menegh" Brognard *(Head coach)* FranceCharles "CREA" Beauvois *(Assistant coach)*


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