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written by blubs April 3, 2020 at 7:0pm
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The major developer Riot has finally entered the world of FPS games, with an aim to challenge the scene of FPS esports. The game VALORANT will showcase crisp gunplay, interesting maps, and plethora of new characters. These characters, known as Agents in-game, each bring their own unique skill sets to help their team win. This is a small showcase article that will provide a short overview of each Agent and their abilities that was showcased in the teaser trailer. Be sure to follow the website as we will also be releasing in-depth looks at each Agent and how they work!

JETT - Jett has been a hot topic of discussion as some players don’t think she is that useful in high level team play, whereas other high level players believe she can bring a lot more to the table than people think.

  • CloudBurst: A large cloud of smoke that can be thrown around corners used to block the line of sight of opposing players.
  • Tailwind: An ability that allows you to dash forward at a ridiculously fast velocity to quickly move around the map.
  • Updraft: The ability to propel yourself upwards as a way to create different angles and be more versatile as a player.
  • Bladestorm: Jetts Ultimate, creates a flurry of throwing knives around Jett that she can quickly launch at enemies in either a short burst, or one at a time. Direct impact with an opponent will kill them instantly.

SOVA - Sova is seen by many in the community as a very underrated Agent. He has the ability to gather information of opponent locations and use his bow with deadly efficiency in the hands of the right player.

  • Recon Bolt: A destructible bolt that Sova can shoot from his bow. Once in place, it sends sonar waves that will highlight anyone in its line of sight (LOS).
  • Owl Drone: An arm attachment that allows Sova to release a flying drone that Sova can control to gather intel on enemy locations. He can also fire small darts that don’t do damage, but instead reveals the opponents location until the player pulls it out.
  • Shock Bolt: This bolt is a lethal arrow that, when fired, creates a massive electrical shockwave that damages anyone inside the area of effectiveness (AOE).
  • Hunters Fury: An extremely powerful ultimate in the game. This ability allows Sova to shoot three massive energy beams through the entire map and do damage to anyone that is within the blast. Being hit by the beam also reveals your location to the enemy team.

VIPER - Viper is another character that hasn’t received a lot of love within the community. But when used correctly, she can be a very dynamic character that creates space and deals lethal damage to the enemy team. All of her abilities cost “fuel” which is indicated at the bottom of the players screen.

  • Toxic Screen: This ability allows Viper to create space between her and the enemy as she creates a thin wall of poisonous gas that can be shot and walked through.
  • Poison Cloud: This ability allows Viper to throw a poison gas bomb that creates a decent sized cloud of toxic gas at the cost of fuel. After a short period of time, a player can pick up the canister to reuse it.
  • Snakebite: Viper can use this ability for some fast area denial. She throws a small projectile that, when it explodes, creates a pool of toxic acid that damages anyone in it.
  • Viper’s Pit: This ultimate creates a massive cloud of gas that highlights any enemies for Viper alone. It also stays up as long as Viper is inside the cloud of gas as well.

PHOENIX - Phoenix has been a very popular character, as his utility with flashes is very important for entry players. With the ability to blind enemies, as well as create a lot of area denial similar to Viper, we can be sure that we will see some very “flashy” plays (pun incredibly intended).

  • Hot Hands: In simplest terms, Phoenix uses this ability to throw a molotov and cover a small area that will burn anyone inside of it. The flames can also be used to heal Phoenix. But anyone else inside the AOE will take damage.
  • Curveball: This ability allows Phoenix to throw a flash around corners to temporarily blind his enemies. The angle at which the player is looking also affects how high or how low the curveball will be thrown at.
  • Blaze: Similar to Viper’s Toxic Screen ability, Phoenix creates a thin wall of flame that can be shot and walked through. This can be used to cut the lines of sight of opposing players. This ability doubles the healing that Phoenix takes as opposed to his hot hands ability.
  • Run it Back: This ability allows Phoenix to mark his current position and allows him to enter into a site. If he takes too much damage, or the timer on the bottom of the player's screen runs out, he is spawned back where the mark was placed. He spawns with full health, or whatever health he had when he used the ability.

SAGE - Sage is probably seen as one of the more important Agents on the current character list. As the only healer currently, her kit also allows her to create different angles as well as block certain paths of entry for the opposing team.

  • Healing Orb: This ability allows Sage to heal herself or other teammates depending on the situation.
  • Barrier Orb: Allows Sage to create a massive wall that is impossible to pass unless the opposing players or teammates shoot the wall and break it. Sage and her teammates can also be boosted by the wall to create different angles and lines of sight.
  • Slow Orb: This ability is an orb that Sage throws to cover a massive area with crystal that slows an enemy down. Players can still move through it, but at a decreased rate.
  • Resurrection: This ability allows Sage players to revive one teammate that has died in a round. The resurrection brings the revived teammate to full health.

CYPHER - Cypher is an extremely useful character that is specifically built as an intel gathering Agent. Players who learn how to use Cypher’s abilities effectively are sure to cause havoc, even though his abilities are all non-lethal.

  • Spycam: This ability allows players to place a destructible camera that can be activated by Cypher to gather intel. Left clicking allows the player to shoot darts, similar to Sova’s drone. The darts show the opponents location to your teammates for a period of time until the player pulls the dart out.
  • Cyber Cage: Cypher uses this ability to place a small trap. When the trap is activated, it creates a “cage” that slows enemies walking through it. Cypher can manually detonate the traps as well to deny lines of sight and cut off rotations.
  • Trapwire: Cypher places a trap in windows, doorways, and halls that attach to the player. After a short period of time, if the opponent doesn’t destroy the trap, the wire will create a small concussive blast that blurs the vision of the player.
  • Neural Theft: Cypher uses his hat to gather information of enemy locations from the dead body of an enemy. This reveals enemy locations for a short period of time.

With VALORANT shaping up to be a major contender for Game of the Year, this is a nice entry to understanding the abilities of the Agents. Be sure to stay tuned, as we will be releasing in-depth looks at all the Agents in separate articles. That will include all the Agents that are showcased in the beta. As more Agents are included in the game, let us know who you plan to main with the official release of the game!


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