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Mirage pick up VALORANT roster

by BeanAnalysis 2020-05-15

Mirage, a Quebec based organization announced that they have now picked up a VALORANT roster as they enter a brand new esports scene. Not only did they pick up a team, but the roster consists of a full Canadian line-up.

“As a Montreal based organization that wants to develop local talents, we always try to recruit local talents from the province of Quebec. We knew before VALORANT launched that there were very good talents in the CS:GO scene from Quebec. We felt that CS:GO players would have the upper hand going into that new game,” Yannik “Babinski” Babin, Founder of Mirage, explains to THESPIKE.GG.

The roster is led by the captain Maxim “Yonji” Grondin. Followed by Cedric “Melio” Perrault, Mathieu “Incredible” Bergeron, Michael “miLLE” St-Pierre, and finally Francis “NANO” Tremblay. All the players have a deep background in the Canadian CS:GO scene, specifically in the ESEA MDL league. They have all performed at the highest levels in CS:GO which helped the organization recruit the team. They obviously have high expectations for not only the team, but also the direction of the competitive VALORANT scene.

“I believe VALORANT will take a similar path to what League of Legends has taken in the past where at the end Riot will probably establish their own leagues and circuits. At that point, it is likely that organizations without great financial backing will have difficulty staying in the scene. We hope that Riot will establish circuits that can be beneficial for smaller financially backed organizations,” continues Babin.

As they enter into a scene that many high-level organizations are interested in, Mirage is looking to establish themselves early on so that they have more success down the line. Let’s see what they can do in the long run!

Mirage roster consists of:

Maxim “Yonji” Grondin Cedric “Melio” Perrault Mathieu “Incredible” Bergeron Michael “miLLE” St-Pierre Francis “NANO” Tremblay


Lets go!
2020-05-16 00:45

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