Mkers reveal VALORANT roster

written by NANA June 3, 2020 at 12:40pm
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The Italian esports organization Mkers, famous for its achievements in FIFA, Starcraft II and Rainbow Six: Siege, has decided to expand to VALORANT.

The squad consists of five Italian players with previous experience at a semi-professional level in another FPS game, CS:GO. The squad is lead by the captain, Ivan “Kuri” Bricchese. The other members are Filippo “Hellios” Ansaldo, Kevin “Rhaage” Combed, Mirco “Okrym” Bonazzi, and Paolo “Pablol” Gentili, who is rounding up the team. Even though they haven’t played together before starting to play VALORANT, they impressed the Mkers management with their performance.

“We decided to start this new project on VALORANT with these guys because we were impressed by their desire to stand out and establish themselves on this title. VALORANT is a game that is gaining a lot of visibility, and already in beta, we have seen the large flows of players that it has brought. We strongly believe in the growth and development of this title. As an organization, we focus on all the best stocks in the world, and VALORANT is definitely a project we want to invest in,” Diego “Hicham” Aazzi, Esport Manager of Mkers, told THESPIKE.GG.

The Mkers squad hasn’t participated in any tournaments just yet. But as the game is officially launched, we can expect even more competition to happen around the world. Time will tell how well the Italian team will do on the local and international scene.

Mkers line-up is formed by:

Italy Ivan “Kuri” Bricchese Italy Filippo “Hellios” Ansaldo Italy Kevin “Rhaage” Combed Italy Mirco “Okrym” Bonazzi Italy Paolo “Pablol” Gentili


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