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NEEX joins Ballista Esports

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Following their exit from the Masters after an excruciating loss from Acend in the Lower Bracket semi final of Group A, Ballista Esports decided to add Sebastian "NEEX" Trela to strengthen their lineup. The Polish former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player transitioned into VALORANT back in mid-2020.

He had won the Alienware Game Arena Season 1 Split #2 and #3, the Polska Liga Esportowa S5 Grupa Mistrzowska, Lordi's Game Cup, and finished 2nd in the Polska Liga Esportowa S7 Grupa Mistrzowska Finals. Throughout his career, he wore the jerseys of multiple teams, including the likes of SMASH Esports, Pompa Team, and Izako Boars, with whom he found the most success.

Since his switch to VALORANT, he was part of two teams, ROLLO and hajty. NEEX lifted the Polish Esport Cup 2020 - Round 1 and the Polish Open #FRAMESWINGAMES, alongside 2nd place finishes in the TOURSTAT Summer Clash and the GLX EU Battle #7.

NEEX averages 236 ACS as of the time of writing, adding his Jett, Breach, and Raze to Ballista Esports’ agents pool. Not only that, he has an impressive 72% ESR, accompanied by a 144.7 ADR and 0.85 KPR.

Ballista Esports are:

Mateusz "MORFAN" Świętochowski Michał "Buld" Sokal Przemysław "KEREME" Bogdanowicz Jakub "qxv" Sawicki Sebastian "NEEX" Trela

Daniel "yaotziN" Roczniak (Coach)


paTiTek | tamas1n
they are starting to do the exact same thing that the polish cs scene was doing for at least the last 2-3 years
2021-03-31 03:34

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