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written by BeanAnalysis June 28, 2020 at 10:0pm
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As THESPIKE.GG has only been live for a few short months, we pride ourselves in being the best coverage site for the competitive community of VALORANT. With the Esports Awards fast approaching, we would be honored to be nominated for the awards by the community we love and are committed to.

This year has been a blast for the team at THESPIKE.GG. So if you believe we have earned your vote, it would be a blessing to have the support of our community. You can go vote for the category of Esports Coverage Website of the Year. Or if you enjoy the works of our talented writers, such as our Editor in Chief Malwina “NANA” Galicka or our talented analyst Lautaro “RkT” Nicolas Massara, you can nominate them for Esports Journalist of the Year!

Artur Minacov, the CEO of THESPIKE.GG, wanted to say a few words to our loyal community:

“We are very proud of all the hard work being put into THESPIKE.GG. We started the site with only 5 people. Today we are over 17 hard working individuals from over 11 different countries. Our goal for the remainder of 2020 is to keep improving our event coverage, and launch as many great features as possible. You can also expect THESPIKE.GG to be translated into many key languages and allow VALORANT communities from all over the world to get the event coverage they deserve.”


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