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NORTHEPTION release Seoldam & Astel

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The Japanese organisation has just announced that long standing members Park "Seoldam" Sang-min & Moon "Astell" Ji-won have been released from the team.

NORTHEPTION have been showing great progress this year and narrowly missed out joining their fellow compatriots Crazy Raccoon on the flight to VCT 2021 - VALORANT Champions 2021. Back in October the stage was set for the VCT 2021 - APAC Last Chance Qualifier in which NORTHEPTION cruised their way to the grand final in what would be a rematch of the upper bracket final against FULL SENSE. The grand final match was a battle which went back and forth between the two Asian powerhouses and it was Seoldam that stole the show with a 1.11 Rating and 230 ACS followed by Astell with 0.99 Rating and 179 ACS.

Both Seoldam and Astell joined NORTHEPTION back in February and was their first professional team for VALORANT and it is clear that Seoldam has been the front man of the team with his incredible overall 1.41 Rating and 288 ACS since during his tenure under NORTHEPTION. The void that these two players will leave will be a great ask for the Japanese team to fill and we can only hope to see them back on the big stage soon.

With the two South Korean players being released from the Japanese organisation, will we see them go back to their native country and join forces with their countrymen or will they continue their journey in Japan?

Northeption are now:

Tenta “ten” Asai SugarZ3ro Meiy


ScreaM | hex4
interesting to see where Seoldam will end up 🤔
2021-11-30 11:10
imagine if vision strikers sign korean jett
2021-11-30 12:33
are they picking up other korean players? like ex nuturn maybe
2021-12-01 08:26
maybe they join that new team solo joined
2021-12-03 00:37

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