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NRG signs Ethan and bench ANDROID

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NRG Esports have announced last night signing Ethan "Ethan" Arnold. The American will replace Bradley "ANDROID" Fodor in the upcoming VCT 2022 - North America - Stage 2 - Open Qualifier 1.

NRG had qualified to the main event of Stage 1 from the first open qualifier after beating Pittsburgh Knights and Rise in the Lower Bracket. Unfortunately though in the main event, results were quite disappointing for NRG, as they won just one game against Rise, out of five games they played in their Round Robin group. Surely such a huge organization was hoping for different results, which might have prompted NRG to swap one of their players. Bradley "ANDROID" Fodor will be moved to the bench, with former 100 Thieves player Ethan "Ethan" Arnold taking his place. Currently, the future of ANDROID is unknown, but there are many indications that he will miss the upcoming Stage 2 Open Qualifiers.

The 22-year-old was removed from the active 100T roster on April 14, and just a week later he was officially signed by NRG. In his last games for his former team Ethan has really played very well and impressed. His joining NRG Esports could do a lot of good for the team. Ethan's debut with NRG should be on the 28th of April when the first open qualifier will be played for Stage 2.

Now NRG Esports is:

Sam "s0m" Oh Daniel "eeiu" Vucenovic Ian "tex" Botsch James "hazed" Cobb Ethan "Ethan" Arnold Josh "JoshRT" Lee (Head coach)

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