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NUTURN's solo & peri to potentially retire from VALORANT

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NUTURN, the Korean team that recently placed third in VCT Stage 2 Masters - Reykjavík after a loss to Fnatic, has announced that Kang "solo" Keun-chul will be potentially retiring from professional VALORANT. Solo has been a staple in the Korean FPS scene and has been competing at the professional level for 16 years in Counter-Strike: 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before switching over to VALORANT in September of 2020. During his time in Counterstrike, his teams took home multiple first place finishes in various tournaments across the Asian scene. He previously spent nearly three years under the dominant Korean Counter-Strike team, MVP PK. Jung "peri" Bum-gi, meanwhile has also been a staple in the Korean FPS scene also, as him and solo have been teammates for 12 straight years.

During his time with NUTURN, solo could be seen flexing between Sentinel-roles and Breach, ending his time in the game with a 0.93 rating and 186 ACS in over 2,000 rounds of play. As for Peri, he primarily played controller agents, amassing a .96 rating and a 191 ACS over 2,000 rounds of play. One of their most notable accomplishments is defeating the previously dominant Vision Strikers to meet DWG KIA in the Grand Finals of Challengers and following this up by defeating DWG KIA to make it to VCT Masters: Reykjavík.

As for their time in VALORANT, there still has been no official announcement from the organization, so there is still hope that they stay on with NUTURN in some way. Peri states that he will retire soon, but he is waiting for the right replacement to come. Whenever that time does come, it will be sad to see both of these legends retire from the esports world.


what a legend 😢
2021-05-29 20:10
res in peace
2021-05-29 20:15
dude been playing for like what, 16 years? Deserves some rest n quiet; he could probably coach for a lot of KR teams down the road
2021-05-29 22:43
Imagine Seoldam and Textur3 to fill in the squad sheeeesh
2021-05-29 23:29
2021-05-29 23:42
n0thing | Anime4life
No please don't legends <3
2021-05-30 00:12
2021-05-30 02:12
Vision Strikers will reign again, either with or without them on NU
2021-05-30 04:13
2021-05-30 07:29
RIP NU, they deserve some chill time tho
2021-05-30 11:34
Why would you retire when you just played the tournament of your life?
2021-05-30 16:14
honestly its a really cool way to retire. usually ppl would retire when their careers look glum but leaving when representing korea for the last time is pretty cool ngl.
2021-06-07 10:12
Do good, retire
2021-06-07 09:09

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