OG withdraws from the VALORANT scene indefinitely

written by dogukansaridemir January 17, 2023 at 4:48pm
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OG LDN Utd, which was not selected as a partnered VALORANT team by Riot Games in September of 2022, announced that it is taking a step back from the VALORANT esports scene.

OG Esports, which entered the VALORANT arena in February, 2021 with a mixed European team, has parted ways with the entire roster in October, 2021.A year later, OG Esports returned to VALORANT by signing a roster consisting entirely of French players. After failing to solidify a fullproof roster, OG also parted ways with the players in that squad in May of 2022.

Then, just a couple days later, OG announced its collaboration with the UK-based esports organization LDN UTD and announced that the name of the team has changed to OG LDN UTD. OG continued its journey under the name of OG LDN UTD with LDN UTD's roster consisting entirely of Lithuanian players. OG LDN UTD failed to achieve any noticeable success with that roster and finally the parties went their separate ways in October 2022.

Since then, fans have been wondering if OG would announce a roster for 2023. However, OG announced that it has ceased VALORANT operations.

OG LDN UTD's statement

"We applied to the Partnership Program and successfully made it to an interview with Riot. Unfortunately, we were not one of the teams chosen in the end. Our next steps were to discuss internally what the best step moving forward would be. After seeing our progress and potential, especially at the end of the season, it was our belief that any team would be lucky to have these players as part of their rosters. We would never deny them such an opportunity, so, we allowed them to explore their options and receive other teams’ offers. Once the team found their new homes, we regrouped and carefully evaluated our options, ultimately deciding to take a step away from the VALORANT scene."


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