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Pioneers bid farewell to Oderus

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After weeks of speculation and rumors that he could be headed to Version1, recent upstart Kansas City Pioneers have revealed that they will be parting ways with their IGL Chad  "oderus" Miller.

With this change, it is now more than likely that he will indeed be joining V1 to fill the IGL role, left by Anthony "vanity" Malaspina, after he made the decision to join Cloud9 early last month, where he would be teaming up with two of his former CSGO teammates.

As for the Pioneers, the team came out of nowhere when they were playing under the "FPL-C" moniker back in early summer, after being signed at the beginning of July, the team made even more waves. They were able to qualify to Challengers 1 where they were able to take on the top rosters in all of North America. The team will be playing in the BoomTV Proving Grounds finals this weekend, where they will be trialing former Luminosity player Brenden "stellar" McGrath.

With this change, Pioneers will field:

Jason "jmoh" Mohandessi Tanner "scourge" Kages Lucas "fiziq" Blow Logan "skuba" Jenkins Brenden "Stellar" McGrath (trial)


weird move ngl, he was doing great and the team was having more succes than anyone expected.
2021-09-11 15:05
V1 is probably offering him a good contract, they need an igl fill
2021-09-11 17:50
Oderus has been scrimming with V1 for a while now lmfao.
2021-09-14 17:33

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