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pwny joins T1 to complete roster

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T1 have revealed the final piece of their 2022 VCT team, American duelist Josh "pwny" VanGorder.

pwny has been around the block in the North American VALORANT scene with a variety of orgless rosters, including DIVIZE and Cosmic Divide. Most recently, the American stood in for TSM FTX Academy at NSG 2022 Winter Championship -Online Open 10 and helped the side to a second place finish. He performed way above expectations for a stand-in, leading the charts as the second highest rated player at the event, his impressive 1.34 rating and 258 ACS undoubtedly catching T1’s eye.

Johann "seven" Hernandez, who joined the team just yesterday, shares a similar role with pwny on Jett, so it will be interesting to see how the squad accommodates their new additions. Regardless, pwny certainly packs a punch, with a 1.18 rating and 241 ACS over the last three months, and will help the team greatly in terms of firepower.

The move completes the Seoul-based organization’s roster ahead of the VCT 2022 season. You can see them in action early at Knights Arena VALORAMPAGE - Main Event, which is set to start January 20th.

T1 are now:

Rahul "curry" Nemani Zander "thwifo" Kim Joshua "steel" Nissan Johann "seven" Hernandez Josh "pwny" VanGorder

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