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Rebirth eSports announce their VALORANT roster

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Rebirth eSports, a team with a history in the Latin American region and of great importance in Chilean esports, is joining VALORANT. With more than seven years of history in the esports industry and with squads in different games, like League of Legends and Hearthstone, Rebirth eSports is venturing into the universe of tactical shooters with its VALORANT squad.

The team consists of the captain Sebastian “Fiend” Molina, along with Roberto “akz” Videla, Ernesto “ernzxr” Riveiro, Darko “drk” Beltran, and Federico “fedehk” Mandia to complete the team. The roster is composed of players coming from all different kinds of games, including PUBG, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, and CS:GO. Despite coming from games with different foundations, all these players have experience in professional or semi-professional gaming.

Eduardo Maqueira, Founder of Rebirth eSports, commented for THESPIKE.GG on how they decided to join VALORANT: “When we saw that the game was coming out and that powerful rosters and active competitiveness were being built, we were interested in participating, in addition to being able to contribute to the region and community with fresh and innovative content. I've known Sebastian “Fiend” Molina for quite some time and I know his desire to play and his passion for competition. When he told me that he was planning to build a VALORANT roster, we talked for a bit and decided to work together for the first time, taking the game, the competition, and the development of the FPS community in Latin America and our country step by step.”

Every week that goes by there are fewer free agents in Latin America, and having announced the VALORANT Versus Series the squads of the region are competing for the best rosters available.

The current roster of Rebirth eSports:

Sebastian “Fiend” Molina Roberto “akz” Videla Ernesto “ernzxr” Riveiro Darko “drk” Beltran Federico “fedehk” Mandia

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