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Riot Games reveal tournament calendar for Latin America

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VALORANT is betting strongly on Latin America and has announced a series of tournaments. For 2020, official VALORANT events in Latin America will be run by Temporada de Juegos, LVP, and GGTech.

On one hand, we have the Ignition Series tournaments, which within Latin America are invitational tournaments where the best teams in the region try to show who is on top. In addition, we have VALORANT Versus, a series of tournaments in two phases.

The first phase is open to everyone: it consists of two tournaments per region, Latin America North and Latin America South. This series of tournaments is already scheduled, the first tournament starts on July 11th and ends on August 14th, 2020, and the second tournament will take place between September 15th and 25th, 2020. The top four teams from each of these tournaments get an invitation to the second phase: VALORANT Versus Closed.

VALORANT Versus Closed in this second phase, the best 8 teams from each region will face each other to see who is the champion of their respective region. The winners of the closed stage will get their slot for the Latin American Grand Final, of which we do not have much information yet, but know that it will happen in November and will have a prize pool of $30,000 USD.

Riot Games
Riot Games

Summary of the tournaments for the upcoming months in Latin America:

  • VALORANT Versus Open Latin America South #1
  • VALORANT Versus Open Latin America North #1
  • VALORANT Versus Open Latin America South #2
  • VALORANT Versus Open Latin America North #2
  • VALORANT Versus Closed Latin America South: Best 4 teams from each open tournament
  • VALORANT Versus Closed Latin America North: Best 4 teams from each open tournament
  • Latin America Grand Final in November

The competitive scene for Latin America has taken shape for the rest of 2020 and the teams know what to aim for. With a prize pool of $30,000 USD, the competition will be fierce. In the meantime, the squads that don't have VALORANT teams are still looking for the best talents in the region to play these tournaments in the best possible condition.


lowel | eliazzz
Is there a calendar like this for EU/NA?
2020-07-04 14:00
Not yet !
2020-07-04 14:14
lowel | eliazzz
ty, it´s great having it layed out like this so I hope they reveal it soon
2020-07-04 16:22
Our goal was to provide some initial competition opportunities close to the game's launch and allow each of our region's to decide what's best for their audiences. This is helping to build our learnings globally about what drives interest and competition. Expect regions to evolve their approach with tournaments cadence and structure as time goes on.

We're keeping an eye on events around the world and listening to feedback.
2020-07-04 14:54
Thanks for the information !
Knowing the uncertainty that Latin America has, seeing how you generated an orderly project and where the teams can know what to expect during the rest of the year is very healthy for the region. The teams can bet on the medium term and that gives VALORANT structure within LATAM.
2020-07-04 17:05
As someone from the MENA region, the Empire Play was a start but there is definitely so much room for improvement and encouraging the region's more known organizations in the VALORANT scene.

The work you are doing in LATAM and everywhere around the world is honestly nothing short of amazing. It really shows how much work everyone is doing behind the scenes to deliver a strong esports experience.
2020-07-05 08:55

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