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Rubino and Moe to replace davidp and biggy for EXCEL

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Heading over to a bootcamp in Malta, Ruben "RUBINO" Villarroel and Muhammad "Moe" Hariff have joined the EXCEL VALORANT roster instead of davidp and B1GGY who are being released from the team. Rubino is joining EXCEL from Team Heretics after he announced in early May that he was looking for new options even though he was still contracted with the spanish organisation while Moe is joining the team after his run with FNATIC.

Joining the team after winning First Strike in December 2020, Rubino was part of a 6-man roster with Team Heretics due to niesoW having personal issues and not being able to commit fully. During his stay, the team made it to the Grand Final in VCT Stage 1 VCT 2021 - Stage 1 - Europe Masters but lost the match 3-2 to Acend. After that, the team has failed to improve their results and they only made it to VCT Stage 2 Challengers 1 Closed Qualifier when they lost the Quarter Final match to Team BDS. Following the disappointing results, Rubino announced that he will be looking at other options outside of Team Heretics.

Moe on the other hand has been playing with FNATIC (previously known as SUMN FC) from August 2020 till April 2021. The main agent he plays with is Sova even though he has been quite flexible on others agents including Sage, Reyna and Skye. During his span with FNATIC, Muhammad gained a 2nd place in First Strike Europe Regional Final after a loss to the same Team Heretics before Rubino joined the team. During VCT Stage 1 FNATIC had some disappointing results and they released both Moe and tsack before heading into Stage 2. Meanwhile, Moe has been playing with NoPoaching mix team where they won the Rix.GG Rix.GG Series - VALORANT Open - May.

EXCEL are relatively a new organisation in the EU VALORANT scene when they announced their roster end of March 2021 with davidp as their captain. The team has failed to progress to any closed qualifiers in VCT Stage 2. Last month during the VOT France VOT France - Spring Qualifier, the team has managed to qualify to the VALORANT Open Tour France Finals where they finished in 2nd place after losing their final match against Megastitut.

With this roster change, EXCEL are now:

Muhammad "Moe" Hariff Vincent "Happy" Cervoni Marc "honeybee" Begley Alend "Ale" Khalaf Ruben "RUBINO" Villarroel


Well I don't like to see them go but for the sake of quicker growth for the team this must be done ­čśö
2021-06-16 16:43
But pog for Moe tho
2021-06-16 16:43
davidp going down like crazy...
2021-06-16 20:13
yup this might be the end of his carrer
2021-06-16 20:43

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