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SCARZ part ways with the current roster

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The 2022 season ended fairly early for the Japanese team, SCARZ, and today, they announced the departure of their 5-man roster.

After a disappointing run at VCT 2022 - Japan - Stage 2 - Challengers Week 2 - Open Qualifier, the season came to an end earlier than expected for SCARZ. The team failed to take down BLUE BEES in the Group A Final and lost their chance to participate in VCT 2022 - Japan - Stage 2 - Challengers Week 2 - Main Event. Before that, they also failed to qualify for the Stage 1 tournament in Japan. Couple of days ago, they signed Yuto "Xdll" Mizomori but then loaned him to ZETA DIVISION, as covered. As of now, he is the only member on the roster even though he is currently inactive.

marin, ryota-, JoshS, and modeskiii are now looking for a new team to compete as Anthem has been acquired by REJECT. One of the two Filipinos in the squad, Joshua Miles "JoshS" Santos held the best rating in the last three months. He held a 1.22 rating and a 1.31 K/D. He picked Omen 10 times and even had better stats on the agent with a solid 1.24 rating and a 1.39 K/D. There are several different chances for the players as the season will continue with the Last Chance Qualifiers and the Champions event which will be held in İstanbul, Turkey.

SCARZ’s roster that they have parted ways with is:

Akira "marin" Kato Ryota "ryota-" Okayama Anthem Joshua Miles "JoshS" Santos Matthew "modeskiii" Bautista,

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