ShadoW replaces Quick at Giants

written by frss May 25, 2022 at 2:37pm
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Giants Gaming have announced today that Fabian "Quick" Pereira is moving to the inactive roster. His replacement will be Tobias "ShadoW" Flodström, who recently played for Team Vitality.
Giants Gaming performs quite well during the VRL - Spain: Rising - Stage 2 - Main Event, as they have won five matches and lost only two against Rebels Gaming and Movistar Riders. Unfortunately, Fabian "Quick" Pereira's individual form this season has been rather poor. In yesterday's game against Case Esports, the Spaniard scored only 5 eliminations in 28 rounds, but still, in the end Giants won this game after overtime. After this match, the first rumors of a potential change in the Giants ranks surfaced, which came true this afternoon. Quick joined the Spanish organization in January of this year, and now nearly six months later he will begin his search for a new team.

His place on the European team will be taken by former Team Vitality and FunPlus Phoenix player, Tobias "ShadoW" Flodström. VRL - France: Revolution - Stage 1 - Main Event for the Bees, however, was a complete failure as they didn't even advance to the playoffs, causing the Swede to be moved to the bench shortly after the season ended. The Giants' new signing will make his debut today in the eighth round of VRL - Spain: Rising - Stage 2 - Main Event against UCAM Esports Club.

Now Giants Gaming is:

SpainAdolfo "Fit1nho" GallegoTurkeyBatuhan "russ" MalgacCzech RepublicAdam "Jesse" ČtvrtníčekUkraineVladyslav "kiles" ShvetsSwedenTobias "ShadoW" FlodströmSwedenOliwer "LATEKS" Fahlander *(Head coach)* TurkeyBerke "Vlad" Kantürk *(Assistant coach)*


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