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SKADE part ways with VALORANT squad

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SKADE entered VALORANT ahead of LVL VALORANT Clash 2 with Oliwer "LATEKS" Fahlander, Linus "Limpone" Wecksell, Oskar "PHYRN" Palmqvist, Gabriel "Shrew" Gessle, and Andreas "Eppz" Vallvingskog, where they had a successful first showing with a playoffs finish. PHYRN was then replaced by Tim "Manneten" Bylund, who was then cycled out for Kalle "KP1337" Persson.

The roster’s grassroots was a FABRIKEN project who had to rebuild after Tobias "ShadoW" Flodström, Pontus "Zyppan" Eek, and Johan "Meddo" Lundborg moved on to a newly created ZyppanGoKill line-up (now FPX Esports). WIth the rebuild, LATEKS, the squad’s captain, put together a new Swedish powerhouse with Leo "Leodeddz" Nilsson, who was replaced as SKADE picked up the roster.

Throughout their time, the roster went through many changes, but managed to still put together some results, from their 3rd-4th placement at Valorant Challenge 2 to their recent qualification for First Strike Europe: Qualifier #1 Playoff/Play-In, but consistency was missing, with Limpone stating for THESPIKE.GG that he thinks “the team just had a very rocky start, having to replace Leodeddz just before joining SKADE only to find out PHYRN wanted to leave to pursue his studies forced us to find new replacements fast. Even if we did see short-term success with the additions of KP1337, EPZZ, and Manneten, in the long run consistency was our biggest issue.”

“After these turbulent last few months I think everyone is just looking forward to a new start, however, we all liked playing together, so there's a good chance some players will reunite in the future.”

Early signs of their removal were seen some days ago with many of the players posting looking for team posts, but with their departure from the Norwegian organization, the squad have shown that they will split and look for new challenges.


quoting from their website:

"While VALORANT made quite an impression during its launch, but as time went by, it was unable to maintain its initial hype. Even the current status of coverage when it comes to EU Valorant is strenuous as most of the games are single elimination, BO1’s"

so now we're blaming the system coz your team was bad?

omegalul - just accept the fact the team didn't work out to the expected level and that's it. stop blaming bo1s. team liquid, heretics, fpx, g2 etc... showed what they're capable of and still made it through.
2020-11-30 00:43
It definitely comes accross as an excuseto drop their poorly performing roster, especially as they are already looking to get back into valorant starting from january, which is literally a month from now.
2020-11-30 01:07
Have they said they are coming back in january?
2020-11-30 08:44
"look to get back into it sometime early next year." click on the note.
2020-12-01 00:26
2020-12-01 05:40

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