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SoaR announce departure from competitive Valorant

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In a three-minute-long video uploaded to their Twitter profile, SoaR have announced their temporary decision to depart from the competitive Valorant scene. SoaR crude, the founder and owner of the Organization, personally explained the thought process behind the decision, expressed gratitude towards the current roster and previous players, as well as stated their plans for the game moving forwards.

During the announcement, he emphasized that the economic situation coupled with Riot’s upcoming plans for franchising and the eventual decline of the Tier 2 scene have contributed to the outcome. Nonetheless, the organization will continue to provide the community with Valorant content by hosting regional tournaments or onboarding more content creators to join their already stacked lineup.

Throughout 2021, Soar only managed to secure a couple of 1st place finishes in NSG 2022 Winter Championship - Online Open 2 and Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet 2021 - October: Dance of the Skulls in October 2021, and a handful of spots on the leaderboard. Following the conclusion of NSG 2022 Winter Championship - Online Open 8, where SoaR placed 2nd, the team started to disband with Alexander "Zander" Dituri leaving to Version1 and Matthew "Cryocells" Panganiban to XSET leaving b0ssy as the roster’s sole member, who was later benched and then moved to Cloud9 Academy.

Parting ways with the roster paved way for the organization to formulate a new roster for the upcoming roster which was announced only a couple of days before VCT 2022 - North America - Stage 1 - Open Qualifier 1. Unfortunately, they couldn’t manage a better position than 17th-24th in either qualifier taking them out of Masters contention and forcing them to participate in various Nerd Street events to prepare for the next stage.

Regardless of only winning NSG Summer Champs- Online Open 4, they exerted their best effort for Stage 2 qualifiers. Despite a deep run in the Lower Brackets of VCT 2022 - North America - Stage 2 - Open Qualifier 2, Sentinels sealed the team’s fate preventing any chance of making the event, and leaving no hopes for a possible LCQ qualification.

With this announcement, the following players have been declared Free Agents:

Lucas "fiziq" Blow Ashley "Trill" Powell Victor "v1c" Truong Noah "epathy" Chonjor

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