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SoaR Gaming pick up PUGSTARS

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The North American VALORANT scene is getting one more competitor added to its list, SoaR. The organization was established in 2011, and quickly became one of the most stable names in the Call of Duty community. SoaR has had presence in Fortnite, Smite, and World of Warcraft, among other games, and now it is time for VALORANT.

The team picked up PUGSTARS following their multiple impressive performances in several tournaments. The current roster consists of Muhtadi "b0ssy" Al-Sammarraee, Jimmy "nurfed" McFadden, Denis "DENYA" Kosogov, Alexander "Zander" Dituri, and Matthew "Cryocells" Panganiban. Together, they were able to win many VALORANT Sunday Showdowns: Week 43, Week 44, and Week 45 all in a row, followed by Week 48.

Not only that, they managed to finish 3rd in the VALORANT Premier Series #1 and 5th-8th in the NSG March Monthly, but ended up placing 33rd-64th in the Challengers 1 - Open Qualifier. Along with Kooky Koalas, they’ve become known as one of North America’s best unsigned teams. SoaR are currently participating in the next North American VCT event, Challengers 2 - Open Qualifier.

Most of the players on the team were free agents up to this point, with only nurfed being a former Renegades player before being replaced by Alexander "retrQ" Kadan. SoaR Gaming definitely has a gem of a team, and their development is all in their hands right now. It will be interesting to see how high these players can reach.

SoaR Gaming are now:

Muhtadi "b0ssy" Al-Sammarraee Denis "DENYA" Kosogov Alexander "Zander" Dituri Jimmy "nurfed" McFadden Matthew "Cryocells" Panganiban


2021-04-15 13:23
love to see it, congrats b0ssy :)
2021-04-15 13:25
yo congrats i was wondering when these guys would get signed much love
2021-04-15 13:38
n0thing | Anime4life
This teams development will be interesting
2021-04-15 13:56
oh hi
2021-04-15 14:26
n0thing | Anime4life
Hello there, who are you?
2021-04-16 21:58
they deserved to be signed
2021-04-15 14:38
2021-04-15 17:04
well deserved they are great
2021-04-15 20:02
2021-04-16 08:16

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