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Soniqs make Australian roster official

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As was reported in January by Snowball Esports, Susquehanna Soniqs have signed the former roster of EXO Clan.

Soniqs’ full roster is Iyengaran "iyen" Raju, Bob "Bob" Tran, Ethan "Crunchy" Laker, Kyran "dizzyLife" Crombie, and Chris "pl1xx" Li. They enter the North American scene as the best team from Australia, winning both the Rise of Valour - Finals Ignition Series event and the First Strike Oceania Regional Final. One major storyline for the team will be that they’re our first shot at genuine inter-regional competition, something so far completely absent from the VALORANT scene due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We really have no idea how they’ll fare against North American teams, making them a complete question mark in that regard. dizzyLife and pl1xx in particular dominated the region as a duelist partnership, and will be, if nothing else, entertaining to watch against North American competition.

Soniqs have taken a risk with this signing, and we’ll soon find out whether or not it was worth it. VCT Stage 2 kicks off today in North America, and Soniqs will certainly be an interesting team to watch. Assuming they win their first match against amateur competition, they'll be up against Cloud9 White in the second round, and Masters champions Sentinels the round after that.

Soniqs are:

Iyengaran “iyen” Raju Bob “Bob” Tran Ethan “Crunchy” Laker Kyran “dizzyLife” Crombie Chris “pl1xx” Li


Haven't seen these players, but I'm looking forward to seeing them play and see what they can accomplish
2021-04-01 17:35
unlucky they have to vs sen 2nd round
2021-04-01 18:26
TenZ | Unrated
jake from gucc stream?
2021-04-02 20:14
2021-04-01 18:30
2021-04-01 18:33
2021-04-01 19:07
2021-04-01 19:34
2021-04-05 15:48
2021-04-01 21:49
n0thing | Anime4life
2021-04-02 01:40
I see the bringing in the thunder from down under lmao
2021-04-05 15:48

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