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Stage 3 Masters to be held in Berlin, Germany

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Riot Games have announced that Stage 3 Masters will be held in Berlin, Germany, as part of their Esports Media Preview Event held May 5th.

The event will feature 16 teams as opposed to the 10 participating in Stage 2 Masters. It will take place from September 9-19, and information on live audiences will be coming down the road.

The location makes sense, as the studio for the top-flight European League of Legends league, the LEC, is also located in Berlin. It seems likely that the event will take place there, though of course nothing concrete has been announced.

As part of the event, Riot also revealed the trophy that will be awarded to the champion at Reykjavik.

Other announcements from media day include two new partnerships, Verizon joining the VCT after already sponsoring LoL and HyperX joining as a brand new partner.


Nice, hopefully masters 3 will allow spectators :)
2021-05-05 11:31
is masters 2 allowing spectators? havent heard anything regarding that
2021-05-05 11:42
shouldn't be the case - we didn't hear anything media related so I doubt they will allow spectators
2021-05-05 12:10
I assume masters 2 will be like how korea has been run, no spectators
2021-05-05 12:25
on the website of the verti music hall berlin is the event announced and you can setup an alarm for buying tickets.
2021-05-15 06:54
they most likely will, there is a hygene plan already published on the venues website for this event
2021-05-06 11:51
2021-05-05 11:32
Wedid | Smashburger
Hopefully Valorant is less EU-centric than CS. I would like to see rotating venues across the major regions in the future.
2021-05-05 12:03
it most definitly isnt. I dont belive fnatic will make a long run but TL can look scary but so many teams will be watching each other vods so people I assume will know counters to each others playstyles.
2021-05-05 20:12
I think they're talking about the venues for LANs, not the teams in EU itself. They want LANs to be in other places as well other than EU.
2021-05-05 21:31
OHHHHHHHHH. oops my bad i didnt read it right
2021-05-05 23:15
Wedid | Smashburger
Yeah, I was just talking about venues. Iceland and Berlin are both in Europe. And I know a lot of NA CS:GO teams complain about always having to be in Europe so I hope Riot spreads it out more in the future. Although for the this year Europe is probably the easiest LAN to pull together.
2021-05-06 10:49
i would actually say that if they had it somewhere in the Oceanic region like Sydney, Australia or even in Asia like they did in Korea could be better but lets hope Iceland goes well.
2021-05-06 19:11
apparently Champions is in Vancouver
2021-05-06 11:00
yooooooooooooo canadaaaa
2021-05-08 10:22
2021-05-05 12:51
Come on 100T! They need to win the entire Masters 3 Event to even have a chance of getting to VCT Champions. Disappointing performances so far in 2021, but they can turn it back around.
2021-05-05 15:30
I hope more than enough people get vaccinated so we can have a crowd there.
2021-05-06 09:00
i hope so too, could maybe even happen till that day, but we'll have to see
2021-05-06 11:52
Isn't Germany in like a lot of political drama rn regarding covid lmao
2021-05-06 10:52
not really just a few idiots but nothing really serious
2021-05-06 11:41
That makes sense, I moved out like 7 months ago and i heard there is a group of people protesting in Berlin so i was just wondering.
2021-05-06 14:37
paTiTek | tamas1n
heard of it too, polish media made it look like half the country was protesting but here i learn it isn't as serious, good.
2021-05-07 07:43
so basically polish media is trash xD
2021-05-07 10:34
paTiTek | tamas1n
i mean, tbh TV news made it look like that, not media in general. but your point is kinda true nonetheless XD
2021-05-07 11:00
we will have elections a few days later btw
2021-05-06 11:50

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