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T1 Korea sign RESET Roster

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T1 are a Korean organization known from around the world with teams in many huge esports titles, like League of Legends, PUBG, Overwatch, Dota 2, and Apex Legends. Their League of Legends roster is particularly famous for their back-to-back World Championship wins in 2015 and 2016 with well known player, Lee "Faker" SangHyeok. After already boasting two North American rosters, they have now lived up to their promise and signed a home roster.

The roster that has been signed is RESET, a top Korean mix that include players Jeong "Esperanza" JinChoel, Choi "10X" JinWoo, Kim "Sunday" Minsoo, Kim "ROK3T" JunYeong, and "FrosteN". The signing also includes the lesser known but extremely hard working coach, Yoo "Locomotive" JeongSeon.

The Korean squad have starred in all four installments of Clan Battles, with 3-4th placements in the original three and a 5-8th placement in last week's event. With these placements, the team have managed to accumulate enough points and to start in the Playoffs of the Clan Masters.

The Clan Masters is set to be RESET’s Debut as T1 Korea, where they are up against local rivals Vision Strikers, No Mercy, and Lunatic-hai.

The T1 Korea Roster is:

Jeong "Esperanza" JinChoel (정진철) Choi "10X" JinWoo (최진우) Kim "Sunday" MinSoo (김민수) Kim "ROK3T" JuYeong (김준영) "FrosteN"


i love T1?
T1's first official game. pm 9:00 AUGUST 12TH KST
2020-08-11 19:12
how to delete my comment?
2020-08-11 19:15
report it, they will delete it
2020-08-12 01:51
Would you say T1's roster is any good, or is it just entry-level? Outside of Vision Strikers, who would the top Korean teams be?
2020-08-11 21:25
is this roster any good or are they gona get raped by VS like every team in kor
2020-08-11 22:14
not even top 5
2020-08-12 04:53

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