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T1 part ways with autimatic and skadoodle

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Amidst rumors revolving around his return to CS:GO, Timothy "autimatic" Ta just announced his departure from T1 through a Twitlonger, which also featured opinions about his teammates as well as a brief reflection on his past year competing in the scene.

T1 followed that announcement with one more roster change including the departure of Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham, one of the oldest players on the roster. competing for the team since June 2020.

After the game's initial beta release in June 2020, T1 was the one of the first notable organizations to enter Valorant. Its incredible lineup consisted of prominent CS:GO players, which included Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham as well. With such a lethal combination, their path to tournament victories had fewer obstacles and a developing esports scene presented limitless opportunities for them to demonstrate their skills. In the latter half of 2020, they maintained consistent performances finishing top ten in all tournaments they participated in. However, due to several roster changes, the organisation was unable to achieve consistent success in 2021 with no Masters qualification, and no better than a 5th-6th place in the Challenger events. Their decision to opt-out of partaking in regional NSG, and Pittsburg Knight tournaments was surprising since it might've benefited the team and build chemistry.

Autimatic was one of the more prolific CSGO pros who transferred to T1 from Cloud9 to play Valorant due to reasons he touched on in the TwitLonger:

"I came into Valorant with no expectations. I knew I needed a change as the previous year was the hardest one I've ever been through, so this was an opportunity for a fresh start and to build myself from the ground up.”

Although he had no better luck, in terms of tournament results, during his stay at T1, he stated in the same TwitLonger that he was “on the right track” in the journey to figure out his physical and mental health. He hasn’t clarified which game he will be continuing with in 2022, and an ambiguous tweet that he published earlier further bewildered fans of both esports communities even though a lot of rumours have been circulating around a return to CS:GO.

After his retirement from the CS: GO esports scene in 2018, Skadoodle became a full-time streamer forming a significant fan-base within months of the transition. However, the spirit of competition and a new game on the scene was enough to motivate him to return to playing professionally. The successful, and long-standing Cloud9 player, who won North America’s first-ever major, ELEAGUE Boston 2018 found himself competing amongst the best VALORANT players in the region. However, T1’s changing roster composition presented challenges in developing a strong chemistry and maintaining consistent tournament performances.

After parting ways with Ha "Sayaplayer" Jung-woo in early December and now with Skadoodle and automatic, the T1 roster is as follows: Rahul "curry" Nemani Zander "thwifo" Kim Joshua "steel" Nissan

Given that T1 signed Steel as their new IGL in early December and they are participating in the Knights Arena VALORAMPAGE - Main Event next week, replacements for the aforementioned players should be announced in the near future.

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