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Team Envy sign the Together We Are Terrific lineup

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Envy is a North American esports organization with representation in many titles. Over the course of their history, they’ve been dominant in many games, more recently, their emphasis has been on Overwatch and Call of Duty, where they own the Dallas Fuel and Dallas Empire. Today, they announced that they’ve signed the team which has been widely considered to be the best remaining unsigned in North America, Together We Are Terrific.

The lineup now representing Envy is made up of Adam “aKis” Kisseberth, Abdo “c4Lypso” Agha, Pujan “FNS” Mehta, Anthony “mummAy” DiPaolo, and Jake “kaboose” McDonald. All five are former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. FNS is most notable, as he’s represented top tier organizations such as Counter Logic Gaming, TSM, CompLexity, Cloud9, and EUnited. He has been playing even up into 2020; his amateur team, Orgless, finished tied for 6th in Flashpoint Season 1. The other four members of the roster have bounced around CS:GO’s lower-tier scene for a while, but have really come into their own in VALORANT.

As large organizations began picking up successful rosters, such as MouseSpaz, who joined TSM, and HIGHGROUND, who mostly joined 100 Thieves, Together We Are Terrific became known as the best team left unsigned in the region. They’ve had many highlight performances, including 2nd at the Pittsburgh Knights - Invitational, reaching the bracket stage of the T1 x NSG Showdown, 2nd at CashApp Gamers for Equality VALORANT, and most recently, reaching the semifinals of the Pulse Invitational.

Together We Are Terrific have been playing a slower, calm, controlled style, in the mold of T1. MummAy functions as the team’s primary OPer, with aKis typically playing Sage and FNS Cypher. C4Lypso is a monster fragger when he’s playing well, and kaboose is a quiet, consistent threat.

Together We Are Terrific have been on a great trajectory as of late, repeatedly taking games and series off of some of the best teams in North America. Now that they have the staff and funding of Team Envy around them, it will be exciting to see truly how far they can go.

Team Envy's lineup is:

Adam "aKis" Kisseberth Abdo "c4Lypso" Agha Pujan "FNS" Mehta Anthony "mummAy" DiPaolo Jake "kaboose" McDonald


no more TWATS ? gl guys!
2020-07-13 17:49
Well deserved!
2020-07-13 18:30
Nice to see so many big NA orgs going into Valorant.
I hope more EU & CIS orgs follow up (looking especially @ Fnatic, VP and NaVi)
2020-07-13 18:31
Nice! well deserved after all the good results. Good luck guys! indeed Europe has to step up too ?
2020-07-13 21:09
i called this in that thread that got deleted. the guy said it was a 2 letter org that was picking up a team lol
2020-07-14 00:45
Great to see all the organizations in NA picking up teams.
2020-07-14 06:31

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