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Team Finest release foxie and h1ber

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As announced on their twitter account with a comment from their General Manager "Jeremy9000", Team Finest have made it official that they are releasing the latest two players added to their roster, Tyler "Foxie" Lowton and Joona "H1BER" Parviainen.

Announced back in May, Foxie joined the Israeli core team alongside 10X which saw them go through various events including VCT Stage 3 and LVP Rising series qualifiers. In August H1ber replaced 10K who was released after the disappointing results in VCT Stage 3 but unfortunately the roster change didn't show much improvements as the team failed to impress in all the events they participated including the Red Bull Home Ground #2 - Open Qualifier and LVP - Rising Series - Finale in which they lost to Acend in the semi-final. During Finest Invitational, H1ber has not played the event (replaced with m1zun) but the team still had a disappointing result in which they ended in last place after losing to Movistar Riders in the elimination match.

Foxie has played various roles during his career with the team, including Sova, Skye, Astra and Viper currently an average of 1.01 Rating and 199 ACS. H1ber on the other hand has jumped through different roles during his stay with Team Finest as he played Sova lately but also touched the Duelist role with Reyna, Raze and Jett. Currently the Finnish player has an average of 1.19 Rating and 255 ACS and has already been playing with an orgless Finnish team unjobbed.

With this change, Team Finest will continue focusing on the following three core players:

Ben "RECIDENT" Battash Daniel "ponkt" Punkt Gilad " ALIVE" Hakim

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