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Team Finest start their rebuild; announce mizuN

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Team Finest, an Israeli esports organization, has recently started making moves to revamp its roster by parting ways with Tyler "Foxie" Lowton and Joona "H1BER" Parviainen earlier this month and now announcing the introduction of Aliaksandr "mizuN" Katok to their roster.

Team Finest has had an eventful year lauded with regional tournament participations, but no qualifications for a Challengers event. In more recent history, they received the 4th place in Finest Invitational, 3rd in LVP - Rising Series - Finale and also in Dreamhack Beyond - EU.

Aliaksandr "mizuN" Katok is a Belarusian player who used to play for SUPRMODE Gaming in regional EMEA tournaments. An interesting fact about this transfer is that in the latest LVP - Rising Series - Finale, Aliaksandr "mizuN" Katok played against Team Finest in the Group B - Decider Match. Although Team Finest managed to secure a spot in the Playoffs bracket, the battle between these teams was quite intense and Aliaksandr "mizuN" Katok, in particular, demonstrated spectacular performance through his aim as well as the ability to play a diverse pool of agents.

Throughout his Valorant career, mizuN has played on several roles, including Omen, Skye, and raze with a rating of 1.08, 218 ACS, and 1.1 K/D, which are, without a doubt, quite impressive statistics and are proof that he has been gradually refining his skills.

With this change, Team Finest is now:

Ben "RECIDENT" Battash Daniel "ponkt" Punkt Gilad " ALIVE" Hakim Aliaksandr "mizuN" Katok

Now that the roster has four players, it won’t be long till you hear an announcement from Team Finest regarding their fifth and final player. Don’t worry though, here at THESPIKE.GG will keep you updated as soon as anything changes.

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