Team Heretics reveal VCT 2023 roster

written by ArmandVanHelden November 10, 2022 at 5:42pm
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Team Heretics are one of the most recognized Spanish esports teams in the ecosystem right now and they have been accepted to the VCT 2023 partnership tournament. The organization had already announced the arrival of m1xwell [as covered]( but the rest of the lineup was still unknown. Today, Team Heretics ended all the curiosity and rumors being tossed around on social media and announced the arrivals of AvovA, zeek, Boo, neilzinho, and weber. keloqz will remain with the organization and the fifth player is m1xwell.

Team Heretics are the first-ever European champions as they won the First Strike Europe tournament back in 2020. Then the organization reached the VCT 2021: Europes Stage 1 Masters Grand Final but placed second. After that, they failed to get to their previous success and recently the organization competed at VRL Spain Rising. Especially the Spanish fans were too excited to see Heretics getting a spot at VCT 2023 EMEA League and the second exciting news was the arrival of m1xwell. Now, Heretics have completed their roster to compete against the best teams in the region.

keloqz had great performances at G2 Esports but then he was dropped by the organization so he tried his luck at Heretics. He was surely one of the most important pieces of the roster last year and now he is back to compete at the highest level of the region. m1xwell’s arrival was appreciated by the Spanish community as the experienced player is very famous. He had also announced that the team that he was going to sign with would be the last in his career so he is planning on retiring after his time with Heretics come to an end. keloqz and m1xwell teammate from their G2 times, AvovA has also joined the Spanish team. The Danish player mainly plays smokers but his most picked agent is Omen. One of the first VALORANT World Champions, zeek will also compete under the Heretics' roof in the upcoming season. Lastly, Boo will complete the roster who had previously played for OG LDN Utd.

Apart from the players, Heretics have also introduced their new coaching staff. neilzinho will take on the head coach duties and weber will be there to assist him. Neil had coached G2 Esports before and he was an analyst for FunPlus Phoenix. weber on the other hand was the head coach of MOUZ at VRL 2022 DACH League.

Team Heretics’ roster for the upcoming season is:

SpainOscar Cañellas "m1xwell" ColochoFranceCista "keloqz" WassimPolandAleksander "zeek" ZygmuntDenmarkAuni "AvovA" ChahadeLithuaniaRičardas "Boo" LukaševičiusUnited KingdomNeil "neilzinho" Finlay (Head Coach) United KingdomBrandon "weber" Weber (Coach)


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