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Team Liquid and Acend headline Red Bull Home Ground Day 1

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The first day of Red Bull Home Ground #2 - Main Event has been wrapped up and that means the group stage has come to an end. With the eight qualified teams, these are the matchups for the playoffs stage tomorrow:

Group A was one of upsets and unexpected results, with LDN Utd leading the pack as they went 3-0 and taking down the current world champions, Gambit Esports narrowly behind them. The group was the only one with two overtime matches, the first with LDN Utd upsetting NiP and the second a close affair with Gambit edging out SuperMassive Blaze. Ninjas in Pyjamas had nothing to lose after the organisation's recent announcement of benching the European lineup and ended up losing all 3 games, SuperMassive Blaze managed to claim one victory in the group stage and played the tournament without an official 5 man roster which proved to be detrimental to their performance.

Acend imposed themselves on Group B, winning all of their three matches, TENSTAR behind them with a 2-1 record. Natus Vincere will be frustrated with themselves after showing great potential in the last few tournaments, while the inexperience of the new Team BDS roster with Vincent "Happy" Cervoni showed as they went out in last spot.

In group C, things were as expected, with Giants Gaming picking up a 3-0 record while Fnatic went 2-1 and booked their tickets to the playoffs. It was heartbreak for Anubis Gaming as they failed to collect a single win and only 9 rounds in total.

Team Liquid stole the show today in group D, steamrolling names such as Futbolist, BIG, and G2 Esports, topping the table and cementing themselves as favorites for the trophy. On the other end of the same group, G2 Esports suffered the disappointment of losing all their matches despite nukkye’s best efforts.

Day 2 of the event, held tomorrow, November 5th, will feature single-elimination playoffs with the aforementioned 8 teams. The match formats will be different than usual, with a best of 5 system where both teams pick a “home ground,” which are their respective strongest maps. These maps are played first, and if one team wins both home ground maps then they directly claim the series.

The stats from day one show that Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom & Aaro "hoody" Peltokangas share the highest rating of 1.47 over the 3 maps and team Giants Gaming sit top with a 240.2 ACS, we will see if they can continue their form going into day 2 versus Futbolist.

Red Bull Home Grounds Day 1 Stats
Red Bull Home Grounds Day 1 Stats

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