Team Orbit reveal the North American VALORANT squad

by NANA 2020-05-09

Team Orbit is an organization that has been present on the esports scene for quite some time. Established in 2013, the Swedish organization has had multiple teams under its wings including Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege, as well as some partnerships, among others with the North American organization Red Reverse, when both had merged in 2017. At the beginning of January 2020, it was revealed that Team Orbit will resume operations with new management, with a goal to acquire new teams in various regions. One of them is fulfilled now as the Swedish organization has decided to sign with a North American VALORANT squad.

“The game is quite a mix of Overwatch and CS:GO so I’ve started scouting and reviewing the applications from former players from these games. The goal was to find the players that have the experience but most of all know what it takes to play the game full time,” tell us Giovanni Mangiarotti, COO of Team Orbit.

The team consists of the players with various FPS experience. The team captain, Raiyan “Flippsy” Jugbhery has been competing in Apex Legends and CS:GO previously, similar to another member, Jonathan “Jordandm7” Jordan, that also tried to pursue his career in Valve’s shooter. On the other hand, Gage “Horror” Corona played in the battle royale title, PUBG, and Sean “Rai” Chen tried his chances in games like Overwatch, CS:GO, and Collegiate League of Legends. The last member of the team, Patrick “LordPnut” Knauth besides CS:GO experience was also present on the professional Battalion 1944 scene.

“My expectations for VALORANT Esports is more than just competing at the highest level. This game gave me a spark to grind, that I haven’t felt in a competitive environment for a long time. I expect the game to be maintained well, balanced well, and highly competitive knowing Riot’s background. When looking for an org to sign with; I played with many, and held tryouts and the individuals that I chose to play alongside all showed me their passion and drive. That is one of the main reasons I chose them other than their individual skill sets. I want to compete with a squad I can grow with, advance with, and learn with. I want to be an all-star competitive and cohesive team. That is my end goal. It all comes in time and everything will fall into place, as long as everyone plays their part and puts their best foot forward,” reveal the captain of the team, Raiyan “Flippsy” Jugbhery.

Team Orbit lineup consists of:

Sean “Rai” Chen Gage “Horror” Corona Patrick “LordPnut” Knauth Jonathan “Jordandm7” Jordan Raiyan “Flippsy” Jugbhery


What a squad. Lets go!
m1nac 2020-05-09 01:05
Flippsy 2020-05-09 03:21

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