Team Spectralis sign a VALORANT roster

by NANA 2020-04-28

As the times go by, we are getting more announcements from the organizations signing the players to their brand new VALORANT teams.

Team Spectralis is a pretty new name in the industry. The Slovenian-based organization was created in the middle of 2019 and previously was mostly present on the professional Fortnite scene. Under their wings, there are also multiple content creators, designers, and web developers as the company is not only focused on esports but the entire gaming community. The organization focuses on providing the players the opportunities to grow on social media platforms and to help improve their skill in the game, but also on building an individual brand on the Internet. Having said that, Team Spectralis has decided to try its venture in the competitive VALORANT scene.

The VALORANT team consists of players from Slovenia and the UK that competed together in online tournaments for games like CS:GO where they also attended some local LAN events. The players are Sebastjan “Seba” Jamšek, who took the team’s captain role, Žiga “Musse” Jan, Blaž “Woozy” Grilj and Joe “Nenwin” Best who is the only British person in this squad. In addition, the fifth player Tim “Tiimie” Pangeršič, who played Overwatch, is known to manage to get into World’s Top 60.

“I've decided to select them because they've played together before, it works for them and they were the easiest to get in touch with. It was still quite a long procedure to find them since Team Spectralis hasn't competed in FPS games like CS:GO or Overwatch before, but we knew that we wanted to start with VALORANT as soon as it gets playable in any shape or form. We were planning this since the first announcement by Riot, when they uploaded the first Project A teaser video,” tells us the team manager, Jorg “Swagter” Cimperman.

The squad is already competing in various community tournaments and the players are spending a lot of time on the individual training as well as the group practice by playing custom scrims versus other teams.

“Since we are really new in this part of the esports community, it's really easy to get underestimated etc. We'll try to become a well-known team in this game and win as much as we can. I also want our guys to get the recognition they deserve. All in all, I'm very excited about the future and looking forward to what they will achieve,” continues Cimperman.

Team Spectralis consists of:

Sebastjan “Seba” Jamšek Žiga “Musse” Jan Blaž “Woozy” Grilj Tim “Tiimie” Pangeršič Joe “Nenwin” Best


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