Team Vitality part ways with Head Coach Tanizhq

written by nateNgod - September 20, 2022
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Team Vitality announced that they have part ways with 25-year-old Tanishq "Tanizhq" Sabharwal, who has been the head coach of the team for nearly half a year.

Tanizhq posted a TwitLonger after this decision, in which he said the decision came as a surprise to him. “The decision from Team Vitality to part ways with me came as a surprise to me due to the results and success we had during the season with a brand new team I built and led.” he said. In his statement, Tanizhq thanked his staff and teammates and announced that he was also looking for a team in partnership with Riot Games.

“I am a free agent, and wanting to showcase my abilities once again to ideally build and lead a Riot Partnership team for next year. I am open to offers from all regions.”

Tanizhq was a former Overwatch coach before transition to VALORANT in 2020. Before Vitality, he coached Team Heretics, OG, SuperMassive Blaze and Giants, respectively. Additionally, the British Head Coach credited with designing Vitality's current roster, which was put together after the team had a significant revamp in May 2022.

Tanizhq had previously bench for 2 weeks due to a tweet that he sent to targeting the assistant coach of Team Vitality, Ahmed "ZE1SH" El Sheikh, at that time.

Team Vitality said in a statement after this incident “We are very clear that we cannot tolerate improper and excessive communication from a member of our coaching staff. It is our responsibility to make professional esports an inclusive and respectable environment, and we are taking this responsibility seriously.”

Tanizhq also said in the statement at the time that he apologized to ZE1SH and his fans. “I was under a lot of stress due to personal factors which became compounded during the super week, leading to a momentary lapse in judgement and an outburst which should have never happened.”

It is also known that after part ways with Tanizhq, Team Vitality is looking for new coaches to lead the European mixed team.

Vitality’s current lineup:

Jokūbas "Cender" LabutisSanteri "BONECOLD" SassiKamil "baddyG" GraniczkaJoona "H1BER" ParviainenNathan "nataNk" Bocqueho


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