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Teams revealed for the Pulse Series

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After a week of invites, all the teams participating in the upcoming $10,000 USD PULSE Series have been revealed. The tournament is set to be essentially a tier 2 showcase, as all tier 1 teams in North America are off for the foreseeable future.

The teams participating in the PULSE Series are:

Group A

Complexity Spot Up Second Wind China Nguyen

Group B

Renegades Mamba Mode Gaming Noble Esports Up For Sale Pretty Boyz

Group C

Built By Gamers Luminosity Gaming Morning Light L8R Bot

Group D

Spacestation Gaming beastcoast Rise Team Shiba Gonzo Gaming

While no out-and-out tier 1 teams are featuring, there’s plenty on the verge. Built By Gamers are making their return to competition after a month of absence, and come in to the tournament as one of the favourites. Luminosity Gaming, Complexity, and Renegades all also come in as favourites and challengers, while Rise will be featured as well. We will also see major tournament debuts from the promising rosters of Spacestation Gaming and beastcoast, the latter especially being a team to watch for, as well as Noble.

While these teams have serious organizations behind them and quite the pedigree in the scene, they’re far from the stiffest competition. Second Wind, Mamba Mode Gaming, Morning Light, Team Shiba, and Pretty Boyz have been making waves in North America’s tier 2 scene, and will be looking to show up big time in this major event. Long-running unsigned teams China Nguyen and Spot Up can never be counted out either.

Lastly, some teams are looking to make a good first impression. L8R Bot are an intriguing team who came out of qualifiers, featuring former Oxygen Supremacy player Dane  "DsK" Kenworthy, while Up For Sale and Gonzo Gaming come into the tournament as nearly complete unknown quantities.

The PULSE Series promises to be an interesting showdown between established teams getting themselves back into the grind of competition and tier 2 teams looking to challenge them. Be sure to tune in from September 10-13th, 2020, and follow along with THESPIKE.GG for live match coverage!


Mamba Mode Gaming coming for that W
2020-09-09 17:10
great tournament for T2, actually love that shit - but why the fuck 18 teams? how is that fair?
2020-09-09 17:25
What do you mean how is that fair?
2020-09-09 17:52
Its an weird number of teams to form groups out of. The teams in 5 team groups have a lower chance to make it into the finals.
2020-09-09 18:15
Well, playoffs rather.
2020-09-09 18:16
I honeslty don't think that chance is lowered too much if you compare the teams in those groups. It's quite obvious who the top 2 will be from each group except for maybe group A.
2020-09-10 00:45
This is thinking in concept. Statistically, a team in a 5 team group has a worse opportunity to make it out of groups. I'm not factoring in the teams skill because a upset is always possible but a team has disadvantaged odds to make those sort of opportunities happen when they are in a group sized differently than others.
2020-09-10 07:27
I will be really suprised if there is an upset in these groups.
2020-09-10 16:01
ScreaM | blubs
Will be good to watch T1 teams :D
2020-09-10 09:02
Surprised no T1 Acadamy
2020-09-10 11:32
how come that no TSM, SEN, GEN G , CLOUD 9 ETC?
2020-09-10 13:55
I think there was a soft pact between tier 1 and tier 2 teams to make this a more t2 oriented tournament so more, smaller orgs can get a spotlight on them. In other tournaments so far t2 orgs have been far out shadowed by their t1 counterparts. This sort of already high profile tourny organizer having a t2-only type tournament is probably healthy for the scene.
2020-09-11 09:01
Did anyone notice that covered this event as well? I think their stats were quicker too lol
2020-09-18 11:59

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