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Teams revealed for the Renegades x NSG VALORANT Invitational

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We are fortunate to be getting one more top-level VALORANT event in North America before First Strike begins, and it comes in the form of this weekend’s $10,000 USD Renegades x NSG VALORANT Invitational. All week, Renegades have been revealing the teams that will participate, and we now know every one.


Renegades Immortals Cloud9 FaZe Clan Luminosity Gaming Rise Gen.G Equinox Esports Complexity Mamba Mode Gaming T1 Time In


Spacestation Gaming beastcoast Moon Raccoons Andbox

T1, Cloud9, and Gen.G Esports come in as the favourites. T1 will be looking to show off their big-name new roster in style, and will be on the mouths of everyone watching the event. For Cloud9 and Gen.G, meanwhile, it’s their first legitimate shot in a while to bring home some silverware, and each will be hungry for it.

It’s an important event for Immortals and FaZe Clan as well. The former is debuting three new members, while the latter has been out of competition for months. They could throw a wrench in the plans of the favourites, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to judge their strength before First Strike.

Renegades, Luminosity Gaming, Rise, Equinox Esports, Mamba Mode Gaming, and beastcoast come in as top performers from the last event North America saw, the PULSE Series. It’s a huge opportunity for Rise, Luminosity and beastcoast to see if they can compete with the big boys. Equinox will look for a strong debut under their new organization, while Mamba Mode are fielding a very different roster to the one that won the Pulse Series.

Then we come to the final two invited teams, Complexity and Time In. Complexity will be fielding trials for the event, and this is likely a transition for them as they continue to rebuild before First Strike. Time In, formerly known as 100 Blifted, no longer come into this event as a joke, but as a team that can legitimately compete, as they nearly qualified for the event of their own accord.

That leads us, lastly, to the qualified teams. beastcoast, as mentioned, are coming in off a great Pulse Series run, while Spacestation Gaming and Andbox will look to finally grab results befitting the stature of their organizations. Moon Raccoons, one of only two orgless teams participating, will look to make some waves as well, and get their name out there as a team to pick up if any organization still wants a quick roster for First Strike.

The Renegades x Nerd Street Gamers VALORANT Invitational is a godsend for fans starved of top-level North American competition, and will be a great judge of the strength of these teams before First Strike. The event starts tomorrow, on October 17th, 2020, at 7 PM CEST/ 1 PM EST. Tune in on, and follow along with the official data partner of the event, THESPIKE.GG!


Lets go!
2020-10-16 19:10
I wish some of the Top Tier 1 teams were playing like SEN, TSM, ENVY, or new teams like NRG or 100T, but eh, ill take it. Lets go ANDBOX and SSG!
2020-10-16 20:01

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