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TENSTAR and Russ part ways

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UK-based organization TENSTAR announced today that they had mutually parted ways with Russel "Russ" Mendes.

The Brit enjoyed a six month spell with TENSTAR, having initially been signed as part of the full Tarren Mill lineup in May this year. Since then, Russ has helped the team to multiple top finishes, most notably a 4th place at VCT Stage 3: EMEA - Europe Challengers 2, runner-ups at LVP - Rising Series - #3 - Main Event and LVP - Rising Series - #4 - Main Event, and a 4th spot at Red Bull Home Ground #2 - Main Event.

The squad has failed to live up to their high expectations from when they were signed, however, and their inability to hang with big European names meant roster changes were on the cards sooner rather than later. This move means that the long-standing core, who had been playing since CS:GO, will finally break apart and see a new fifth come in over Russ.

Russ, who has been juggling between Skye, Sage, and Breach, was generally one of the better performers on the team. His 1.10 rating and 217 ACS cannot be overlooked and he showed his prowess recently at LVP - Rising Series - #4 - Main Event, where his performances against Giants Gaming and UCAM Esports Club drove the team to the grand finals.

TENSTAR are an organization who are deeply committed to VALORANT, fielding both a male and a star-studded female roster in TENSTAR Nova. It will be exciting to see how they manage to fill Russ’s position on the team going into the next VCT season.

For now, TENSTAR are:

Jack “Br0die” Emmott Calum “KRAY” Knight Tramaine “stanley” Stanley Niko “polvi” Polvinen

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