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Since Day 1 of VALORANT Beta, THESPIKE.GG has been aiming to become the best event coverage website for VALORANT professional events. Over the past months, we have worked closely with professional players, casters, hosts and tournament organizers in order to secure our spot as the primary source of information when it comes to players stats and events coverage.

Today we are excited to announce that we have acquired and all of its assets. This deal helps us ensure the continuity of our great work in the VALORANT market, and keep improving our site to offer the coverage you all deserve.

The Valorantify website will no longer be online, and all of its domains will be redirected to our website. We are not planning on using any of their technological assets, as we have a different system. If you had an account registered with Valorantify, you would have to register a new one on THESPIKE.GG.

On a side note, we are also pleased to announce that our API access has been approved by Riot developers. We have some exciting automated features coming your way! In the upcoming weeks, you can expect a lot of great updates. We will be releasing a public roadmap, which will allow the community to be up to date on upcoming changes to the site, as well as participate by giving its input/comments/feedback on each planned feature.

Let’s build this community, together.


It'll be nice to see more people on the site. Hopefully, this means we will get more updates and resources to the site.
2020-07-31 20:11
c4Lypso | m1nac
With the API, we will be able to do much more and faster.
2020-07-31 20:13
Sounds great! You have me excited ?
2020-07-31 20:40
2020-07-31 20:23
Let's go team! ?
2020-07-31 20:26
Excellent news on the API! Looking forward to the roadmap and the future :)
2020-07-31 20:27
this is awesome news as I have been helping rep this site as the main valorant site since day 1... can you tell me if the API will allow you guys to show full ranked distribution??
2020-07-31 20:44
c4Lypso | m1nac
We can do it for Immortals/Radiant players without asking, but we applied for the RSO Login, so if as a user of THESPIKE.GG you login with RSO Auth, you will be able to showcase your rank and your past matches.
2020-07-31 20:52
if I sign up for RSO will it then list the players in my match into the distribution database as well?

I thought I had heard that you needed RSO permission only for things like personal stats, and that actual ranked distribution would be available, I really hope so, as this would then be one of the only big esport games to not give out ranked info smh
2020-07-31 21:46
Lets go, The spike is going to be the HLTV for VALORANT, all we need is rankings
2020-07-31 20:47
c4Lypso | m1nac
We are working on it. Coming soon!
2020-07-31 20:52
Jay | Mandeep
2020-07-31 21:14
2020-07-31 22:13
Big news. Good job.
2020-07-31 23:08
Congrats! I had an excellent experience working with them! Hope they can help you too!
2020-07-31 23:26
2020-08-01 00:16
2020-08-01 02:56
Absolutely dominating the scene.
2020-08-01 03:56
jasonR | iarethinkingthat
great job
2020-08-01 06:30
great job, congrats
2020-08-01 06:47
Congratulations. I look forward to what the future holds.
2020-08-01 06:54
2020-08-01 07:03
I was legit waiting for this!
2020-08-01 08:02
MY JOB :() ;((((
2020-08-01 09:54
Congrats! I cant wait to see the progress of the site ☺
2020-08-01 10:23
what about
2020-08-01 10:56
whith the api is possible to player ratings easily and maybe even live killfeed . This is great news keep up with the amazing job you are doing and Im looking for the next updates.
2020-08-01 11:09
live killfeed is not possible, even with the API available.

Player Ratings definitely something we can do ?
2020-08-01 12:27
Hyped for the growth! Keep it up!
2020-08-01 12:23
next vlr?
2020-08-01 15:33
with the api are you going to add feature where you can see your own individual stats?
2020-08-02 01:18
what happened with my valorantify... but its a nice site
2020-08-02 02:06
Good to see news sites consolidating and providing up to date news, event information, and stat tracking. Congratulations.
2020-08-02 11:38
Welcome all coming from Valorantify
2020-08-02 17:53

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