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THESPIKE.GG Rankings Update: November 17th, 2020

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First Strike rumbles on around the globe, with thrills, spills, controversy and upsets it’s time to look at how the regional rankings look. We have made some changes to our formula, as well as adjusting the range of relevant results, so while there might be some changes, we believe these to be the best rankings we’ve created yet. Here are THESPIKE.GG Regional Rankings for November 17, 2020.

North America

North America starts with Sentinels, as it has since the start of the rankings companion articles, and that looks likely to continue as Sentinels stay on top in North America. Moving up to second place is Envy, after an impressive win in First Strike North America - NSG Tournament - Closed Qualifier, Envy are quickly becoming the team to watch in North America. TSM and Cloud9 Blue are up next, with next to nothing separating them, these two have flipped back and forth multiple times, and appear to be very evenly matched. Cloud9 Blue are in a strong position to move up the rankings though, as TSM could soon see multiple events fall out of relevance. Gen.G Esports round out the top five, and have looked good in recent weeks, with the addition of Shawn "Shawn" O'Riley looking like a master stroke. Renegades are the biggest movers of the week, with a 3rd-4th in First Strike NA - NSG Closed Qualifier, as well as impressive head-to-head results rocketing them up the rankings. Close on their heels are 100 Thieves, who did one better and took home the silver medal in the NA NSG Closed Qualifier. The only thing keeping 100 Thieves out of the rankings was a lack of data, with that sorted they took their place among North America’s best.


Europe finally features some changes after what had been an extremely stable run, at least for the top four. With First Strike Europe: Qualifier #1 Playoff/Play-In in the books G2 Esports stay at the top of the rankings and FunPlus Phoenix right behind them, but beyond that Team Liquid move up to the final podium position, especially after a 2-0 sweep of Orgless and qualification for the First Strike Main Event. The final entry in the top four is a new one, Fnatic who also qualified for the First Strike Main Event, and have been consistently working their way up the rankings. The big news of Ninjas in Pyjamas falling out of the top four comes after a failure to qualify for the First Strike European Finals, even if that defeat came against G2 Esports. Ninjas in Pyjamas didn’t look that good in the playoffs in general, going to overtime and winning 13-11 in their two matches before the defeat to G2 Esports. Vodafone Giants moved up four spots to sixth on the rankings, though they just missed out on First Strike Main Event qualification, impressive wins, such as a 2-0 of Movistar Riders, see Vodafone Giants move up the rankings once more. DfuseTeam joined the rankings after losing just one match in their last 10, a 2-0 defeat to FunPlus Phoenix, as well as winning NGL Open Cup and coming top 8 in the First Strike Europe: Qualifier #1 Playoff/Play-In. The French team edges just barely ahead of Guild Esports, eXiLe eSports and Prodigy.


Asia is our first return to consistency in these rankings, as the big two in Asia continue to dominate the scene - Vision Strikers and Absolute JUPITER are the gold standard, and continue to hold the top of the rankings. Third and fourth have flipped, as REJECT moves past T1 Korea by the smallest of margins. The next three stay the same as well, Cloud9 Korea, Araikordai and DetonatioN Gaming maintain their positions, though the first two are separated by a mere five points. The bottom three of the top 10 are all within 20 points of each other, as SCARZ join the top 10 alongside FAV gaming. All-in-all the Asian rankings have stayed relatively consistent, though the minute margins lend themselves to volatile changes and some relatively large shifts.

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Vodafone Giants moved up four spots to sixth on the rankings, though they just missed out on First Strike Main Event qualification, impressive wins, such as a 2-0 of Movistar Riders

Impressive win against THE Movistar Riders? Hoyl why aren't they top 1 then?
2020-11-17 17:01
This is not accurate. VGIANTS are through into the PLAY-IN phase.
2020-11-19 05:51
Team Heretics Uri
giants not a top10 team though they even got beat by betis😅😅
2020-11-23 15:03
ehhh i dont really agree with gen g's rank

2020-11-17 17:32
IMO they should be 7
2020-11-17 17:32
2020-11-19 18:46
gen.g aren't top 5. barely qualified for the UMG closed and lost to faze and coL.
2020-11-17 17:37
thats what im saying replace Gen G with 100T
2020-11-17 18:27
2020-11-17 20:30
Imagine ranking Guild at #8... that's some mad disrespect... They've been atleast top 5 since the ignition series... geeez :|
2020-11-17 23:47
paTiTek | tamas1n
i'd rethink that one...
2020-11-18 04:04
I agree. They should be 6th, if not 5th IMO.
2020-11-18 05:56
Team Heretics Uri
eu ranking a bit kekw to be fair
2020-11-23 15:03
paTiTek | tamas1n
why is TSM higher than C9? i don't really understand that one...

2020-11-18 04:06
lol what? c9 didnt even qualify, TSM did and won a whole qualifyer for the best seeding against renegades in my opinion.
2020-11-24 07:36
SUMN have been making WAVES! I look forward to seeing how they do in their next few matches against the big boys.
2020-11-18 05:57
idk why peopel hype sumn, go to thier match history and pls tell me what they have played and beaten
only one top team and they lost 2-0 vs FPX
2020-11-19 03:27
word, the high ranking of SUMN is wierd af. I don't see them actually being top10.
2020-11-19 06:43
SUMN have a very good track record beating strong teams, like NeedMoreDM, Nolpenki, Exile, Oxygen & Fearless. Sure, they lost to FPX - most teams do - but they are proving themselves contenders. Not to mention 32 wins in 36 games is a great indicator of more to come.
2020-11-21 03:12
sure, but they got ranked at #4(!)
I'm not saying they're a bad team but they should not be ranked above most of the other teams in the top 10.
2020-11-23 23:19
Where is T1?
2020-11-18 23:06
I know their position but why aren't they in the top 10. Behind Renegades, And Box, Equinox. Really?
2020-11-21 01:51
I have no idea man, that's so confusing, also, FaZe made First Strike, so they should be much higher now
2020-11-28 10:00
nitr0 | BaronBurrito
I can see MR soaring after UMG closed. Invest stocks now.
2020-11-19 10:32
nitr0 | BaronBurrito
Also how did Guild go down in the EU rankings?
2020-11-19 10:33
Yeam, Guild are getting a rough ride. Seems harsh. I'm sure they will bring it back though.
2020-11-21 03:14
Cloud9 - Loses ONE match to the Renegades only. DROPS 2 POSITIONS
2020-11-21 10:26
(These rankings were made before the final closed qualifier FYI, so their first loss to SSG isn't accounted for here)
2020-11-21 10:27
aimDLL | PicKaRuu
Giants 😅
2020-11-24 07:51
Why is T1 not in the NA top 10?
2020-11-28 09:58

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