THESPIKE.GG v1.0: World Rankings, Community Features and UI update

written by hex4 - September 21, 2020
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It has already been five months since we have launched our website from ground zero, and today we are proud to announce our 1st official version of THESPIKE.GG. With today’s update, getting out of the beta version, we are launching multiple new features that our community has been longing for.

World & Regional Rankings

Everyone has read on different VALORANT media sources, tens, if not hundreds of Power Rankings, everyone shedding their opinion on who they believe are the best teams in NA, EU, and even comparing the two scenes together. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, we prefer to stick to numbers and formulas, and not simple ones either. So how did we determine our Ranking?

Our Ranking has a cap of 1000 points: that is the maximum a team can earn, and reaching that 1000 is not easy, let alone maintaining it. If a team manages to do that, we have an all-star team dominating the scene.

A team can gain points and reach that 1000 by winning matches and tournaments. Is the formula that simple? No. Winning matches against different teams gives you different points and winning tournaments in different tiers gives you different points as well. Winning a tournament today and winning a tournament two months ago will also have a different impact on your rating.

So if a team gains points by winning, does a team lose points only when they lose matches? No, there are other factors contributing to it, which includes roster changes and activity. The points we assign to a team are actually assigned to a 3 core-member team. If that 3 core-member team is broken then that team will be penalized harshly.

Dodging tournaments will also get you penalized but we all know that the first few months of VALORANT had lots of invitational tournaments, and we have catered for that scenario. We hope, alongside all the teams and players, that more qualifiers are organised so we can avoid this situation in the future.

For now we have only launched the top ten teams in North America. We will be soon releasing the whole list in North America, Europe and Japan. Make sure to keep an eye out.

Community Features

User Profiles, Flairs & Badges

an example of a user profile with THESPIKE.GG Owner badge and favourite player Scream
an example of a user profile with THESPIKE.GG Owner badge and favourite player Scream

We are glad to introduce User Profiles on our website for each verified user that registers with us through Email or Twitch. The profile will give you an overview of the clips a user has posted, latest comments posted on various forum topics, news articles or matches and also the latest forum topics the user created himself/herself. Once you login to your account, you can access your own profile from the top right hand side icon. For your own profile you will have an Edit Profile button which will give you the following options:

  • Set your favourite Team, Player and Agent
  • Show one of the above as your flair. The flair will be shown with every comment that you post and your public profile.
  • Update your profile picture from those available. More will be available in the future.
  • Set your Timezone and Country. Changing the timezone will update all the upcoming matches start time accordingly.

Apart from flairs we have also introduced Badges. Badges are also shown with your username whenever you comment somewhere on the website. The list of badges available on the website include:

  • Riot Staff
  • Professional Player
  • Professional Staff
  • Talent
  • Tournament Organizer
  • Community Figure

Badges can only be set by the Admins. If you would like to have one of these badges and fill any of the above roles within the VALORANT community, drop us a message on our Discord channel #badge-verification-process.

Match Predictions

Another new feature that we are introducing today is the ability for all our registered users to predict teams who they think will win a match. When you’re on a match page you will get an idea of what other users are voting for each team, and you are able to cast your prediction by clicking the respective vote button. Once you vote, you cannot change it or remove it.

Each user within their profile will have the Prediction Accuracy and Prediction Rank. Ranking is refreshed frequently due to multiple matches going on at the same time. If you do not see the prediction accuracy or rank updated immediately, you might need to wait a few minutes for it to happen. Do you think you have it in you? Can you be the number one predictor? Let’s see what you got!

example: this user predicts that Absolute Jupiter will win against FAV Gaming
example: this user predicts that Absolute Jupiter will win against FAV Gaming

Improved Website Design, introducing Light Mode

A light mode version of our website has been long needed, and it’s finally here! With the introduction of the light mode, we made some further improvements to our website in general, especially the Homepage.

As you can see now, we are giving more importance to our partnered tournament organizers with their featured events and featured matches. On the left side you will still find Live Matches first (if any available), and underneath those are the Upcoming Matches and Latest Results. A small change we did here was to merge these two sections together in order to provide you a longer list without the need to scroll all the way down.

We really hope you like this update and we can’t wait to give you more in the near future. If you have any suggestions, never hesitate to drop them down in our feedback forum section, any constructive feedback is always welcome.


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