Thwifo joins T1, Brax goes full time content creation

written by generic_eric24 October 21, 2021 at 10:25pm
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After plenty of rumors, T1 make it official with the announcement of Zander "thwifo" Kim joining the competitive team. The organization also announced that former Counter-Strike prodigy and the first professional VALORANT player signed to a contract, Braxton "Brax" Pierce, will be moving to full time content creation role with the org.

Thwifo joins T1 months after being benched from XSET as the team chose to go in a different direction during the middle of summer. In his past stints with teams, he played primarily Sentinel agents, either Cypher or Killyjoy. Known as one of the best sentinel players in North America, it was no shock that he was able to join one of the most well known organizations. He hopes to bring his past experience in winning tournaments to T1, as they have disappointed with their most recent VCT run. He comes into this team with 170 maps played, including an ACS of 200 and a rating of 1.03

In other news, the organization also announced that longtime member Brax would be moving to full time content creation role, as he has chosen to go that route instead of trying to compete as a Valorant professional. Originally signed as the first professional Valorant pro, Brax made waves as T1 seemed to be the team to beat in the early days of the game, as they had every other teams number. However after many disappointing tournament runs, the team made changes. He had two stints with the team, and a small 2 month window of when he was on TSM.

With these changes, T1 is now: United States Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham United States Timothy "autimatic" Ta United States Rahul "curry" Nemani United States Anthony "Dawn" Hagopian United States Zander "thwifo" Kim


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