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TNL Esports release SeliG

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The South Korean organisation released Um "SeliG" Hyun-sung after keeping the player on the roster for two months.

TNL Esports reached the semifinal stage of VCT 2021 - Stage 3 - Korea - Challengers Playoffs, but failed to make it through to the finals as they faced a loss against DRX VS. TNL's Sova player Yeom "eKo" Wang-ryong left the roster shortly after the result and TNL signed SeliG to strengthen their roster prior to National ShotVAL Pride. They won the tournament with their new line-up but decided to make a change as we get closer to the end of the year.

SeliG’s professional career began with GOMA, where he played for almost a year. He joined TNL Esports on December 17th to show his abilities at National ShotVAL Pride. He played Raze, Breach, Sova, and Jett during his time with TNL and finished the tournament with 0.87 rating, 1.18 KPR, and 173.1 ACS in 13 maps. After playing for the team for a short amount of time, he left the organisation on mutual terms.

Official TNL Esports’ roster after the latest departure is now:

Yu  "TS" Tae-seok Park "exy" Geun-cheol Kim "Meteor" Tae-O Kim "JinboongE" Jin Won

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