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Trovo Challenge Qualifiers #1: North America & Europe

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The first qualifiers of the Trovo Challenge powered by GLL have been played. With a prize pool of $20,000 USD, $10,000 USD for each region, and providing 256 slots in an open qualifier, it is one of the most important tournaments to date. The sum of these two variables makes it very attractive to see new talent or to see which teams end up consolidating their position as favorites in each region.


With a total of 256 teams entered, four teams managed to take a place in the final stage from these qualifiers. We found an interesting Top 4, with some teams that we have already seen perform well such as 2G4L, who have been participating in tournaments since beta. Another team is Mattistack, who have players like Taimou, a well-known player in the world of Overwatch or JESMUND, who came from the world of Counter-Strike. Team Nolpenki is presented with a full squad from Lithuania and Team Worst Players with a combination of players from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine; both teams who want to show that their countries have a strong background in tactical shooters.

North America

On the North American side, we had another tight competition, as it is not easy to go through five consecutive rounds. After four days of competition, we have the first four finalists who have their place secured in Trovo Challenge powered by GLL North America: i95, Demon Time, 303 Esports Orange and Oxygen Supremacy. The majority representation is from American players, the only Canadian, Kurtis, is in Demon Time.

Between June 24th and 26th, 2020, the four remaining slots for the Trovo Challenge powered by GLL North America and Europe will be decided. As usual, you can see the details of the games and follow the results on our events page.


No SA? rip.
2020-06-16 14:00
nice to see some new teams
2020-06-17 01:57
We're in the NA finals on July 3rd, don't miss it ? #i95 ?
2020-06-17 15:56

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