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Trovo Challenge Qualifiers #2: North America & Europe

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The final four teams of the Trovo Challenge powered by GLL have been decided for both North America and Europe. $10,000 USD is now on the line for each region to see who will take the top spot. We will get to see the best of the best out of over 200 teams, now whittled down to just eight teams from each region. Here you can find information about the teams from the first qualifier.

North America

The teams from North America are eager to face off, as there is a lot of fresh talent we have yet to see. The four teams who qualified in the 2nd round of qualifiers are Way 2 French, ascend, Big Frames, and finally Team Underrated. Way 2 French is a full Canadian roster, who look to provide some flashy plays as they made it through the ranks easily in the Qualifiers. A major powerhouse that looks to show every other team up is the F/A team known as Big Frames. They have accumulated multiple first place finishes, and they don’t look to stop anytime soon as they waltz into the Trovo Challenge.


Europe also has some new faces for us as the region is one of the most competitive in the world currently. The most interesting thing is that the teams tend to be more local to their own countries. We have the full French roster of Team Jbzz, a completely Turkish roster that goes by the name of “lol”, and a fully British team in that of the team esoteric. The only team that is a mix of multiple countries is Team CR4ZY, who is composed of players from Spain, Turkey, Croatia, and France. No matter what the make-up of the team is, the European finals stage is sure to be an explosive one. We will be introduced to some outstanding teams and players as the Trovo Challenge approaches.

Make sure you tune in to see all the action from both North America and Europe on July 3rd through the 5th, 2020. We will see eight teams go into the final stage, but only one team will take the crown as well as the top prize of the $10k prize pool. Who do you think will take the top spot in the Trovo Challenge in each region? Will it be the powerhouse North American team Big Frames? Or the European roster of Team CR4ZY?


I can't wait to watch the EU teams!
2020-06-30 12:30

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