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TSM FTX bench bang

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Sean "bang" Bezerra who had replaced brax back in June for the main roster of TSM FTX has announced that he was benched from the team and is allowed to find other options.

TSM FTX made two main changes to their roster between Stage 2 and Stage 3 of VCT bringing in young talent to their roster by adding bang and Aleko "Aleko" Gabuniya. With this change, progress was made when comparing results with previous events but it clearly wasn't enough. During VCT Stage 3, TSM FTX made it all the way to the Challengers Finals which had three slots available to qualify for Masters Berlin. Unfortunately though, the team failed to make it far since they ended in the last place alongside Luminosity Gaming after losing to Envy and Rise in the double elimination bracket. During his stay with TSM, bang has played various agents and roles but mainly focusing on Astra. He managed to get an average of 203 ACS, 1.04 Rating and a kill to death ratio of 1.11.

There is only one possibility left that TSM FTX are facing to be able to make it to the VCT Champions Final later on this year and that would be the Last Chance Qualifier. At the moment TSM FTX are standing just outside the Top 8 teams that are eligible for the NA LCQ event from Circut Points gained from VCT Stage 1, 2 and 3. Their only possibility to participate in the LCQ would be if a North American team wins Masters Berlin.

With this change, TSM FTX main rosters looks as follows:

James "hazed" Cobb Matthew "wardell" Yu Yassine "subroza" Taoufik Aleko "LeviathanAG" Gabuniya


I believe this is cap but if not we have a chance to get sinatraa and switch roles
2021-09-02 08:45
So TSM are basically downbad on Sentinels somehow winning Berlin to still have a chance.
2021-09-02 08:59
KEKW moment
2021-09-02 09:06
this is kinda annoying tbh. 1 new player aint gonna fix tsm they shouldve just sticked together and worked on shi to get ready for champs
2021-09-02 10:40
Yeah my thoughts exactly.
2021-09-10 15:33
TSM is throwing with these roster changes
2021-09-02 12:56
If TSM want to win, they need to do what 100t has done, steal current csgo players
2021-09-02 18:30
Just bring back drone back
2021-09-03 03:52
TSM making so many roster changes, maybe it's a problem with Wardell not being flexible enough? Don't get me wrong, he was the first pro player who introduced me to Valorant and I love his nasty opp. Levi was an amazing addition for sure, TSM needed such a player. At this point try one of TSM academy players to fill in for a while lol. TSM throwing members faster than my tam mates and/or afk in Unrated tho. On another note, Envy just become a beast with new roster changes so losing to them it ain't quite a surprise.
2021-09-05 09:16
2021-09-07 00:32
just throw wardell out and tsm back to top 5
2021-09-10 15:09
tbh i think a better way to go about this if they were gonna bench anyone i think bench hazed man
2021-09-11 06:20
This roster needs a big rework
2021-09-21 00:49

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