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UCAM part ways with their VALORANT team

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UCAM Esports Club has just announced that they have parted ways with their players.

The Spanish organisation are a long standing name within VALORANT and have hosted a variety of players from different countries, the most recent roster being a mixture of European talent. Although the organisation have not picked up any main titles over, their recent players secured 1st place in ICEBOX - Northern Classic - Main Event where they beat KOVA in the final.

Their main star has been Adam "Jesse" Čtvrtníček who was their most recent signing after departing LDN Utd, with a rating of 1.23 and 243 ACS it’s clear why they picked up this sharp shooter.Ladislav "Sacake" Sachr is a relatively new name when it comes to top European players but he has proven his worth with his own 1.19 rating and 232 ACS. The duo of Gabriel "Shrew" Gessle & Oskar "PHYRN" Palmqvist played together for a short stint on SKADE while Niko "nixoon" Pasonen has been their main support player.

It’s unclear if UCAM Esports Club will remain part of the VALORANT community but a statement from nixoon confirms the playrs will remain together.

UCAM Esports Club was:

Niko ‘nixoon’ Pasonen Gabriel ‘Shrew’ Gessie Ladislav ‘Sacake’ Sachr Oskar ‘PHYRN’ Palmqvist Adam ‘Jesse’ Čtvrtníček

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