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Undead Gaming reveal VALORANT squad

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The Latin American organization Undead Gaming announced that they would be bringing on a new roster for VALORANT as things in the competitive community are just starting to heat up. The company was founded in 2018 and they are best known for their League of Legends team. That being said, the organization wanted to take the opportunity to dive into yet another Riot Games title.

Jonathan Grispo, the CEO of Undead Gaming explained to THESPIKE.GG that “In our region (South America) the community has taken a lot of interest surrounding VALORANT, and we want to help the scene grow from the very beginning. This roster is one of the first to assemble with a variety of experience from other esports titles and we all share one common goal: to win.”

The team will be made up of five members who are all from Argentina, starting off with the captain and IGL (in-game leader) Ignacio “capi” Del Rio. Del Rio was a professional Apex Player, who participated in the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational in Poland. Following up we have Benjamin “bnj” Rabinovich and Agustin “Kymme” Fernandez who both have experience in the professional level of CS:GO. Then we have Julian David “Beast” Lauandos who was a professional Overwatch player who played on teams such as FURY Esports as well as Dignity. Finally the team is rounded out with Bruno Esteban “AR4N” Betanzos, who played professionally in Fortnite.

“I think that my main expectation for this game is having the possibility to encourage all the regions to compete in worldwide tournaments, while having regional series too. Of course having this healthy esport system encourages new players to try even harder in order to reach the top so it makes the game more interesting to study.” Del Rio goes on to explain.

Undead is just the beginning of the wave of bigger organizations signing rosters to play VALORANT. The roster also highlights how diverse the backgrounds of the players are as they come together to compete at the highest levels of the competitive scene. Undead Gaming is sure to make some jaws drop as they begin their journey into Riot Games’ new FPS.

Undead Gaming line-up consists of:

Ignacio “capi” Del Rio Benjamin “bnj” Rabinovich Agustin “Kymme” Fernandez Julian David “Beast” Lauando Bruno Esteban “AR4N” Betanzos

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