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VALORANT enters South Asia, path to Champions announced

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As Riot Games attempts to expand the reach that VALORANT has across the globe, they have announced that they are partnering with NODWIN Gaming to create VALORANT Conquerors Championship, for teams that are coming out of India and South Asia.

As part of the agreement, the region will be one of the final qualifiers for the APAC Last Chance Qualifers, one of the last spots that will be secured to Champions, the worldwide global tournament set to take place in December. As proven with the smaller regions of Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, Riot wants to make their game accessible to everyone in the world. Registrations for the event will begin on June 15th, there will also be $33,000 USD on the line.


Introduce forsaken
2021-05-29 17:07
2021-05-29 17:15
word.exe lul
2021-05-29 17:25
2021-05-29 18:48
2021-05-30 01:41
there is actually a star player in india called "Skrossi" and he almost looks exactly like forsaken lmao
2021-05-30 10:48
yes ikr
2021-05-30 11:38
ShahZaM | ved9123
Finally a chance for India to get somewhere in esports
2021-05-29 18:26
hey man, dont say that. They are great at using word.exe!
2021-05-29 18:29
2021-05-29 19:09
bruh you are indian still you are taking the side of the dogs
2021-06-02 02:05
If I am a dog then you are a dung beetle bro go eat shit
2021-06-02 10:46
chill and stfu.
2021-06-03 00:16
lmao at least they dont hide it like American hackers who are practically sewer rats
2021-06-02 04:51
laal did already thought valorant was globe
so this is sad news for me
2021-05-29 19:12
indian teams will dominate in south Asia.
2021-06-03 00:17

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