Valorant's Patch Update 5.10 Comes to Town

written by Emmanuel_E November 15, 2022 at 7:40pm
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It's been exactly 15 days into November, and the Valorant devs are at it once again with another patch update. Update 5.10 comes in the same month as Update 5.09 and comes packed with a whole lot more to offer, from agent updates to the introduction of a new chat filtering feature called "Real Time Text Evaluation." Let's get into it and see what Riot devs have planned.

Patch 5.10 Agent Updates


  • His Trapwire length has been increased from 1000 to 1500.
  • Neural Theft now reveals enemies two times, there is also a four-second delay between the reveals, and the maximum cast distance has increased from 1200 to 1800.
  • There have also been quality of life updates, where the yellow silhouette used on his spycam and neural theft have been updated.


  • Fade's prowlers have had their duration reduced from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds, and their delay on bite after reaching their target has gone from .4 to .6 seconds.
  • Hitbox improvements
  • Nearsight duration gone from 3.5 to 2.75 seconds on hit.
  • Prowlers fizzle out and no longer debuff.
  • The cost of nightfall has moved from 7 to 8


  • The number of cascade charges that can be purchased has been bumped up to 2.
Image Credit: Riot Games
Image Credit: Riot Games

Patch 5.10 Gameplay and General Updates

  • Real Time Text Evaluation: This feature was added to keep the game as safe and abuse-free as possible. With other interventions in place, the feature helps by scanning for disruptive texts and muting players who send them. This feature is still subject to change after receiving feedback from the player base, and it is only being released for NA for now.

  • Menu Updates: Due to player feedback from removing the one-click menu navigation, the devs have finally brought it back. Now you'll be able to jump from Home, Battlepass, Agents, Career, Collection, and Store with one click from anywhere.

  • Map Updates: Doors will now destroy placeable objects as soon as they come into contact with them, as opposed to only the moment the door is closed.

  • Social Updates: Fixed an issue that caused the "Auto-Reject Friend Requests: On" notification to be misaligned in the Social Panel for some languages.

Patch 5.10 Agent Bugs

  • Astra: Fixed a bug where Astra could cast a fake Nebula right at the start of a round before her Star charged up.

  • Chamber: Fixed a bug where Chamber would fail to equip a gun at the start of a new round.

  • Neon: Fixed a bug where Neon's Slide could be used to boost upwards in specific map locations.

  • Harbor: Fixed Harbor's Cascade being visible on Minimap for enemies with vision of it. Fixed a bug where Harbor's Cascade would sometimes spawn under the map

That's it for this Patch update. With more to come before the year runs out, Valorant players can rest assured that the devs are listening and actively making the game more fun for everyone.


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