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VCT Champions Match Day 5 Viewers Guide

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After seeing great competition in the first set of games, it is time for the elimination matches. Six teams will compete against each other on the fifth day of VCT 2021 - VALORANT Champions 2021 and here is your guide for the day.

Match 1: Team Secret vs Crazy Raccoon at 3:00 PM CET / 6:00 AM PST

Team Secret and Crazy Raccoon failed to win their first games against Gambit Esports and Team Vikings, respectively. The Asian teams will face each other in the do-or-die matchup of Group C. Team Secret had a better showing against Gambit Esports, but Crazy Raccoon seemed lost in their first game of the tournament. It is hard to tell a definite side for the competition but it looks like the Filipino squad is one step ahead of their Japanese opponent.


These two teams never faced each other before on any stage. Even though Team Secret’s roster has been playing together for a while, they still haven’t faced Crazy Raccoon in any tournament. This will be the first match between these two organisations.

Players to watch:

Team Secret - Jessie "JessieVash" Cucyo leads his team with 0.98 rating and 216 ACS. Crazy Racoon - Park  "Bazzi" Jun-ki holds a solid 1.26 rating and he is sitting at the fifth spot in the tournament.

Team Secret's JessieVash up against Crazy Racoon's Bazzi in Group C elimination match
Team Secret's JessieVash up against Crazy Racoon's Bazzi in Group C elimination match

Map picks:

Crazy Raccoon picked Icebox against Team Vikings on day one but failed to win the map. On the other hand, Team Secret secured a dominant win over Gambit Esports on Icebox. Both teams love the map and we will probably watch them playing post-plant scenarios on B. Also, keep in mind that Crazy Raccoon played Ascent a lot in the past.


Team Secret

  • Jessie "JessieVash" Cucyo - Sova, Sage, Skye
  • Jayvee "DubsteP" Paguirigan - Jett, Reyna, Raze
  • Riley "witz" Go - Breach, Skye, Reyna
  • Jim "BORKUM" Timbreza - Astra, Omen, Viper
  • Kevin "Dispenser" Depio Te - Killjoy, Cypher, Viper

Crazy Raccoon

  • An "Medusa" Min-cheol - Sova, Cypher, Brimstone
  • Yusuke "neth" Matsuda - Raze, Killjoy, Jett
  • Byeon  "Munchkin" Sang-beom - Cypher, Raze, Omen
  • Park  "Bazzi" Jun-ki - Jett, Brimstone, Sova
  • Teppei "ade" Kuno - Omen, Viper, Brimstone
  • Hideki "Fisker" Sasaki - Jett, Reyna, Phoenix
  • Daiki "Minty" Kato - Jett, Killjoy, Sage

Match 2: FURIA vs KRÜ Esports at 6:00 PM CET / 9:00 AM PST

FURIA and KRÜ Esports played against two of the best teams in the competition in their first games. FURIA stole a map from Sentinels to show what they are capable of. On the other side of the competition, KRÜ Esports failed to show presence in their matchup against Team Liquid. However, it will be an interesting matchup as both of the teams look pretty even on paper.


Just like the first matchup of the day, today will be the first rendezvous for both teams. KRÜ showed dominance against a different Brazilian team in the past, but it will be a different scenario today as their opponent will be FURIA.

Players to watch:

FURIA - Agustin  "nzr" Ibarra has stepped up against Sentinels with a 1.06 rating on day one. KRÜ Esports - Roberto "Mazino" Rivas is the leader of KRÜ Esports with a 1.12 rating on the top of 264 ACS.

FURIA's nzr against KRU Esports Mazino in Group B eliminiation match
FURIA's nzr against KRU Esports Mazino in Group B eliminiation match

Map picks:

Both teams picked Haven on the first day but lost against their strong opponents. The second map will likely be Ascent as FURIA prefers it. Agents:


  • Alexandre "xand" Zizi - Jett, Skye
  • Gabriel "qck" Lima - Sage, Viper, Cypher
  • Khalil  "Khalil" Schmidt - Killjoy, Omen, Astra
  • Agustin  "nzr" Ibarra - Sova, Skye, Raze
  • Matheus "mazin" Araújo - Viper, Omen, Astra

KRÜ Esports

  • Juan Pablo "NagZet" Lopez - Jett, Sage
  • Roberto "Mazino" Rivas - Sage, Viper, Killjoy
  • Nicolas "Klaus" Ferrari - Killjoy, Cypher, Sova
  • Joaquín "delz1k" Espinoza - Astra, Sage, Brimstone
  • Angelo "Keznit" Mori - Skye, Reyna, Raze

Match 3: FULL SENSE vs Cloud9 Blue( at 9:00 PM CET / 12:00 PM PST

The last matchup of the day will be between FULL SENSE and Cloud9 Blue. The Taiwanese side of the competition had an awful day one as they got demolished by Vision Strikers. However, Cloud9 Blue showed a life pulse as they almost took down Fnatic. The North American side are the favors of the matchup but we may see a surprise from FULL SENSE.


The VALORANT Champions is the first international tournament for both sides which makes it impossible for them to face each other before. Both teams seek an international experience which makes it possible for both sides to win in the end.

Players to watch:

FULL SENSE - Elamrahim "LAMMYSNAX" Khanpathan holds a 1.02 rating as the leader of his team on the field. CLoud9 Blue - Son  "xeta" Seon-ho is the only South Korean player on the team with a 1.03 rating and 185.7 ACS.

FULL SENSE's LAMMYSNAX against Cloud9 Blue's xeta in Group D elimination match
FULL SENSE's LAMMYSNAX against Cloud9 Blue's xeta in Group D elimination match

Map picks:

We may see Ascent picked up by FULL SENSE but Cloud9 Blue holds a big map pool, get ready for a surprise.



  • Chanitpak "ChAlalalala" Suwanaprateep - Cypher, Killjoy, Sage
  • Chanawin "JohnOlsen" Nakchain - Jett, Reyna, Sage
  • Elamrahim "LAMMYSNAX" Khanpathan - Sova, Skye
  • Kititkawin "PTC" Rattanasukol - Jett, Brimstone, Omen
  • Nattawat "SuperBusS" Yoosawat - Astra, Reyna, Viper

Cloud9 Blue

  • Mitch  "mitch" Semago - Killjoy, Sage, Cypher
  • Nathan "leaf" Orf - Raze, Omen, Jett
  • Son  "xeta" Seon-ho - Sova, Brimstone, Jett
  • Erick "Xeppaa" Bach - KAY/O, Skye, Reyna
  • Anthony "vanity" Malaspina - Omen, Astra, Viper

All three matches will be streamed live at the official VALORANT stream.


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